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    Australia - Danielle Lane, 8, Tjirrkarli WA, 31 Dec 2011 - Later died

    Missing girl 'abducted' by convicted paedophile

    There are serious concerns for the welfare of an eight-year-old girl, Danielle Lane, who is understood to have been abducted by a convicted paedophile.

    Police are hunting for Augustine Winter Miller, 38, who is believed to be responsible for taking Danielle from her community north-west of Warburton.


    Acting Inspector Rod Wilde of Kalgoorlie detectives said that every available resource had been used since Sunday to try and locate the missing pair, including police planes.

    Today, police have utilised three planes, including contracting one private plane, to scour an area of up to 200 kilometres surrounding the community.

    "They have limited food and water which raises concerns for their welfare, as well as it being an isolated area," he said. "There are no great water sources but it has been raining in the area in recent days."

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    Nevermind. They JUST posted an update that they found her!

    Car leads police to missing girl and man

    An eight-year-old girl missing since New Year’s Eve has been found with a family friend after police spotted a car 25km from the Tjirrkarli Aboriginal Community.

    More: http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-...-missing-girl/

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    OMG. The article has been updated

    Girl dies after outback ordeal

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    Bit more info.


    Apparently the mother had a relationship with this monster

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    I was just going to post this one.......poor little darling never had a chance.

    It was her foster mother that was in a de facto relationship with the child molester since he got out of jail...gggggrrrrrrrrrrrr how in hell did child welfare allow this woman to be a foster mother when she was living with a pedo?????????????????? either they didnt know/werent told or dont do checks on them up there.

    What is so sad, is that I hate to think of her life before to make her become a foster child.

    Unfortunately amongst the aboriginal people in these regions alcohol abuse is rampant and its the poor children who suffer and just dont seem to be given a chance in life.

    Sorry should say out and down there.....thought it was in the kimberleys but was closer to kalgoorlie.

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    So horrible.

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    Oh NO!!! I was so relieved that she had been found safe. And now to read this tragic update is devastating. OMG. She was already in the police car and on the way for treatment. That must have been so heartbreaking for those first responders, to lose her like that after the miracle of finding her alive.
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    Thank you very much SWMNBN for appropriately adjusting the thread title... so that I knew this wasn't an ultimately good outcome when I opened the thread.

    It sounds like he was allowed to leave unattended with the girl, but they just didn't come back...

    Do we KNOW he abducted her? Or did they just actually get lost out there?

    I thought this was like an Elizabeth Smart thing... but it sounds like they just didn't return.
    Maybe it was more of a got lost in the outback thing.
    We don't know if she was abused yet, correct?

    I don't know the charges there, but this sounds more like kind of a statutory rape charge here. (Though I realize, he was like 33 at the time.)
    We have rape of a child for under 13 generally. Do they have that there?


    They went missing on New Year's Eve after telling locals they were going kangaroo hunting.


    It is understood Mr Miller's (38 years of age) 2006 conviction of a sexual relationship with a child under the age of 16 was widely known in Tjirrkarli and bordering communities.

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    I remember this case. So sad

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    This is the first I've seen of this case. Just heartbreaking. She came soooo close to be rescued in time.
    "Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk."
    - Henry David Thoreau

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    Mr Miller had been sentenced to 15 months' jail.

    15 months????

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    The media articles on this case infuriated me at the time. They were so misleading.
    For starters, this guy was not a pedophile.

    He was promised a teen wife, by her FATHER and got 15 months for that relationship. Was the teen's father charged? Likely not.

    Another thing. He did NOT abduct this little girl. They got LOST. That's how they knew where to look for them.
    There was no "pedophile ordeal." Just like others have done, he took a small child into the outback and got LOST. With tragic results.

    Mr Miller has not been charged over her death.

    Miller's conviction is a matter of public record.
    Seven years ago, he had a sexual relationship over several months with a fourteen year old girl.

    In sentencing him, the judge said:
    Children under the age of 16 in our law can't legally consent to a sexual relationship, but in fact I accept that it was consensual.


    David Weber: Police say an autopsy on the 8-year-old girl, who can't be named for cultural reasons, has now been completed and
    there is no evidence of sexual assault.


    Mr Miller has been charged with possessing an unlicensed firearm, and a traffic infringement. Nothing else.


    An Australian newspaper wrongly reported at the time that she had been abducted by Mr Miller....


    The pair were found by authorities four days later near Mr Miller's broken-down car both severely dehydrated.


    Mr Miller said they had not planned to travel far but he got lost after taking a wrong turn.


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    Also worth noting, that a father has gotten lost in the outback with an even younger daughter... and she nearly died as well.

    Difference being, that he did not have a young teen promised to him by her father, before getting lost in the outback.

    The things these two men said about the ordeal are quite similar to each other.


    The man lost for four days in the desert with an eight-year-old girl has described her death as a tragic accident and said he never laid a hand on her.

    Augustine Winter Miller - who was hiding in fear for his life yesterday at a house in suburban Kalgoorlie - said he was devastated when the girl he regarded as his daughter died in front of him shortly after they were rescued.

    "That little girl was my responsibility and I let her down in a big way," the 38-year-old said.

    "Of course it's going to hurt you.

    "I love that little girl and I cared for her. I would never hurt her."


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    I am not sure I understand the previous 2 posts. How does any of that make it ok? He is a convicted child sex offender. Why was he even alone with that little girl?

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    I dislike when reporting completely miscontrues the situation into something it's not, possibly changing the outcome altogether.
    The headlines were "girl dies after pedophile ordeal in outback" and things like that. He did nothing wrong, except get lost.
    He is not a pedophile. A pedophile is someone who is attracted to children, not teenagers.

    He was promised a wife by that young lady's FATHER.
    So basically, a 14 year old girls father handed over his daughter to this guy.
    Yet, where is the outrage over that father?

    This was all completely misconstrued at the time because of that previous conviction.
    He may have been a convicted sex offender but it had nothing to do with him getting lost in the outback.
    He didn't intentionally harm this little girl, he made a wrong turn and she died from dehydration.
    A consentual relationship with a teenager is a far cry from molesting an 8 year old. (Which he did NOT do.)

    What I'm hearing from locals is that it is entirely possible that this child would not have died, if it had been reported accurately.
    Many people just assumed he'd taken her and raped her and killed her so people didn't look.
    If it had been reported correctly: they left, got lost, were not hiding and desperately needed to be found... they may have been found in time.

    The ONLY difference between this case and the other father above was this man's previous conviction for consentual sex with a teenage girl. That was irrelevant.
    If it had not been made the entire focus of the story, had they not called him a pedophile constantly, reporting she was abducted, this little girl may very well not be dead.

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