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    Norway - Hunaina Chaudhry, 21 mos, drowned in bucket, Oslo, Oct 2010

    The baby girl was awake and had "disobeyed her mother." To discipline the one-year, the 26 year old woman held daughter upside down in a water bucket.

    All while her 33 year old boyfriend was watching on webcam. He lives in England and the police are trying to get him extradited. He also explained that he was very scared when he realized what had happened, but that they agreed not to say anything to the police,

    When they realized that the girl had stopped breathing, the called the ambulance and told that she had fallen down in the bucket accidentally and swallowed lots of water.

    The police thinks the child also has been abused prior to his death.

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    GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! How in the <word that will get me banned> does a 1-year-old "disobey" anyone??!?!!?!

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    I didn't know one year olds were supposed to obey. If they are, then I have been doing something wrong.

    And at what point in time does someone decide that holding a child's head underwater is appropriate punishment for anything?

    And at what point do you decide that even though you just watched your girlfriend kill a child, her own at that, that you are going to protect her? I would have been scared too, scared of her <unusual> self.

    I hope neither of them ever breathes outside air again.
    JMO. Unless there's a link, I can't prove it.

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    I am horrified. I just cant believe what I read...

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    From what I've understood the couple hadn't met to many times (maybe not at all) and their relationship was mainly an internet thing.

    I get the feeling there's much more to this, dare I say "snuff"?

    I recently read a crime book in which a Russian method if torture is described. The victim is hung upside down with an old divers suit on him while water is poured into it. Appearently, the victim downs, but no water cab be found in the lungs. I guess that's what happened to this baby.

    Horrific, I get sick. To know what goes in beyond closed doors at night....

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    Quote Originally Posted by amandab View Post
    GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! How in the <word that will get me banned> does a 1-year-old "disobey" anyone??!?!!?!
    Well obviously the baby WOKE UP while she was talking to her boyfriend.
    Any BABY should know that's unacceptable.

    Just like Tyler Dasher should have known he couldn't wake up Mommy when she was sleeping in.

    They are just supposed to come programmed that way you know... so that they just do what they are supposed to do.
    Obviously, somebody is forgetting to program these kids... because of course it can't be the perfect parents doing anything wrong.

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    People have just gone insane! What would make someone even think to dunk a baby in a bucket of water? How did that even come to her mind? A one-year-old disobeying? Really? I mean, REALLY?

    I don't even know what to think about the dude that watched the whole show on webcam. What a douchebag. Did he even yell at her to stop or did he just enjoy the show?

    I have always believed there are more of us good people then there are of them, but I'm starting to wonder. We not only have to fight the abusers but the many completely apathetic people out there who don't care. How do we change that apathy? That alone would have a dramatic effect on these cases.

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    Please God, boyfriend is toast.

    This looks like first degree murder or second degree murder to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Belinda View Post
    People have just gone insane!
    Yes, I know, over the past 10 years or so horrific crimes like this seem to be happening more and more, every day. And certain people that I am acquainted with and unfortunately related to are acting like their bodies have been taken over by inhuman pod people.

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    I am starting to think that the internet is just making it easier for crazy people to fiind each other. They have always been out there, but you just don't walk up to somebody on the street or at a party and say "Hey, I am into dunking babies until they stop breathing. How bout you?" Ninety-nine percent of people would say "Whoa, get lost you weirdo." Or they would call the cops. On the internet, though, you can make a chat room called "Baby Dunkers Unite" and the freaks come to you. The internet is an amazing, useful thing but in the wrong hands it is the wild west of depravity.

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    This story is so unbelievably sick I cannot even believe it.

    Here are some links I found: Her name is Yasmin Chaudhry.


    Yasmin Chaudhry, who is from Norway, killed the one year old by plunging her head first into water during the video conversation which took place at 3am.
    Norwegian police prosecutor Kristin Rusdel told the newspaper, ‘They have the same story, but with some differences.’

    ‘She says he instructed her to do it, whereas he says that they more or less figured it out together after talking about how to discipline her’.

    ‘He admits he saw it over the internet but the intention was never to kill her. They were both scared and decided to cover it up’.

    The pair had met once in real life and had carried the relationship on over the internet for over a year.

    Chaudhry’s five year old son was taken into care following her arrest.

    Yesterday she was remanded until February 4.
    She had another child!?!

    If convicted, the pair will face a minimum of eight years behind bars.
    Um... how about a minimum of oh I don't know... LIFE!?


    Chaudhry's five-year-old son was taken into care following the horrific episode in October 2010.
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    Ok, so, your online boyfriend tells you to discipline your ONE YEAR OLD by dumping her head first into a bucket---and you do it? They should both be strung up by their toes.
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    My god this is unbelievable. A one year old doesn't disobey you it doesn't know any better. I hope they get what they deserve.

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    Interesting that the name was released in the British press... In Norway journalists never could have done that...

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    I swear I wasn't gonna click on this thread - what is wrong with me Thinking back to when my DS was one year old, those days hold such precious and beautiful memories for me. Not once did I ever discipline him, or think about it. My Gawd, who disciplines a one year old. You "steer" them away from dangerous situations (like putting their hands in the toilet water), and say "no sweetie", but you don't hit them or put them in a bucket full of water AND KILL THEM.

    I'm sick and horrified.

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