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    AL - Longtime teacher arrested on sex abuse charges


    ALABASTER, Ala. (AP) An Alabama schoolteacher was jailed on charges of sexually abusing a fourth-grade female student, and police said Thursday the man told them he molested more than 20 other girls over his 25-year career.

    Alabaster police said Daniel Montague Acker Jr., 49, was charged with three counts of sexual abuse, and additional charges were possible.

    "This is not a one-time event," said Deputy Chief Curtis Rigney. "This happened over a period of 25 years."

    Acker taught fourth grade at three schools and drove buses in the Shelby County school system from 1985 until he retired in 2009. He was investigated on similar allegations in 1992, but grand jurors did not return an indictment, said Rigney.

    At least one instance of alleged abuse occurred in a classroom in front of other students, Rigney said, but it wasn't clear whether the children saw anything or realized what had happened.

    Acker was being held in the Shelby County jail with bond set at $225,000. A jail mug shot showed him wearing a vest meant to prevent prisoner suicides.

    Acker remained on the school payroll as a substitute bus driver until this week, Rigney said. Acker's father, Dan M. Acker, is a longtime commissioner in Shelby County, just south of Birmingham, but Rigney said there was no indication his father's position helped the teacher avoid charges earlier.

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    Former Ala. teacher faces another sex abuse charge


    ALABASTER, Ala. A longtime Alabama schoolteacher accused of sexually abusing a fourth-grader has been charged with molesting a second female student.

    Danny Acker was charged Friday with an additional count of first-degree sexual abuse. He was arrested Thursday on allegations he molested a student before retiring in 2009.

    Police said he then confessed to molesting more than 20 girls over a long teaching career.

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    A heartbreaking and poignant statement from one of Acker's victims:


    Original Acker victim releases statement to police
    January 19, 2012

    "....I was scared and hurt because I trusted this man. I was always taught to trust and respect your teachers. I told my mother what he had done to me and she contacted the authorities. I told a DHR worker what he did to me. For more than a year I was ridiculed, and bullied by fellow students and even some parents. People were mad at me for telling the truth about these terrible acts.

    For more than a year I waited on the day that justice would be served, but that day never came. The grand jury did not indict Mr. Acker and the school board put him back in a classroom. My family and I were treated so badly after this that we had to move out of the county and I had to go to a different school. My life was very difficult after this...."

    More at link

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