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    Ghosts of Wales: Man claims video captured revenant

    Trickery? - well, you decide:

    The ghost of the Valleys? Spooky figure caught on camera in holidaymaker's video (Daily Mail)
    There was an icy, some would say, ghostly welcome on the Welsh hillsides for a tourist on a short break to the Valleys.

    For when holidaymaker Paul Feehan replayed the video from his holiday he was in for what he believes is the supernatural shock of his life.

    During a break at his holiday caravan the property developer from Manchester deliberately picked an isolated quiet spot beside a manmade lake to relax and take it easy.
    'We heard nothing to suspect anybody else was near us.

    ‘When I saw it on the video I was shocked and did a bit of research on the internet.

    'The outline with the hat and the type of dress looks exactly like a woman wearing Welsh folk dress.’
    more, plus the perhaps-ghostly video, at link above

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    where in Wales? I'm going there soon & I'd like to visit that spot just for creepy tourist value

    I could upload my video here too! lol

    idk, I think it's just a combination of light, shadow, foliage & fenceposts ...

    there's a comment at that link that says the figure moves uphill as the camera pans but I don't see that - if I focus really hard, I can imagine some movement - like a coat or skirt flowing in the breeze

    I find it interesting that as the camera swings from the bubbling creek to the man, it zooms out for a wide view

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyL View Post
    where in Wales? I'm going there soon & I'd like to visit that spot just for creepy tourist value
    the stunning Welsh countryside near the village of Abersoch on the Lyn Peninsula
    Well, evidently; in re: the Mail's also referring to it having taken place in "the Valleys," a comment below notes:
    "tourist on a short break to the Valleys" _____________ What? 'The Valleys' is a term used to refer to the old coal mining valleys in South Wales. The Lynn Peninsula is in North Wales and has nothing to do with the Valleys.
    - Alistair , Menai, Wales, 6/1/2012 18:48

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    It's obviously a hoax video to me. It could be a shrubbery or more likely a cardboard cut out. The guy pans by it like two or three times and then focus' in on it at the end. JMO

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    On Battleship Hill
    I am sure that it moves towards the end
    England's dancing days are done...

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