Unlike alot of young 20 somethings Hunter Goldberg wasn't partying it up with a bunch of friends. Hunter was alone in his car writing a note of apology to the owner of the goat he was about to steal and sacrifice.

A woman called police about a man sitting in a car outside her residence. Cops pulled up to Goldberg who had two machetes in his car. He claimed he asked the woman to sell him the goat and she refused thus his attempt at robbing her. Then Hunter told cops he recently sacrificed another goat and showed police where he dumped the goat carcass.


Hunter's dad seems to be quite the piece of work as he told reporters they are direct descendants of William The Conqueror who first was William The Bastard. Hunter boy is at a bad time in his life, but dad thinks he'll follow the bloodline and go on to do great things.

Ummmmmmmmm, and? Uhhhhhhhhhh first off that is I guess burglary? I'm all for freedom of religion, but what the heck was this about? Sacrifice for what? He's locked up. Several charges.