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    Unhappy Knoxville mother and autistic son evicted over noise issues

    Sure hope Drew and mom get a house with a yard SOON. Come on Knoxville !!!
    They have been through too much already. jmo


    The mother of an autistic Knoxville teenager says the two are being evicted from their apartment because the teen is too noisy.

    Sharon Roberts' 16-year-old son, Drew, is severely autistic.

    Sharon says Drew has the intellectual level of a pre-school child.

    "He hasn't liked it since the day he moved in," Sharon said. "He has nothing to do, no yard to play in. He lost his dog."

    A house in Halls was Drew's home from the time he was born. It had a big back yard where he used to play.

    But in April 2010, the house burned. Fire investigators believe a faulty stove started the blaze.

    For Drew, the disruption of losing the only home he knew broke his routine and sense of security, and there's been a lot of acting out.

    KCDC says finding an affordable two bedroom house to rent won't be easy.

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    Until they can get a new home with a yard for him, I wonder if the mother could take him to a park to play or get him involved in other activities like YMCA or Boys Club...surely there must be something in the community like that available?

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    This story makes me mad. I wish that there were some laws against this, fair housing might be able to get involved. Parents don't usually apply for apartments and release their children's medical records without warrant. I'm sure mom didn't expect it to get this bad. But, for f' s sake.... Does landlord have a heart?
    "Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open." - James Dewar

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    isn't this disability discrimination? The Fair Housing Act, as amended in 1988, prohibits housing discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, and national origin

    The landlord is evicting this family based on the disability of the son. Noisy or not, I would think this move would be illegal. I'm not sue happy, but I don't think they can legally evict her (then again, I'm no lawyer).

    Just my opinion.


    Source: http://www.ada.gov/cguide.htm#anchor63409

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    it's not based on the disability of the son IMO, it's based on the noise level ... other tenants have right to reasonably quiet living quarters - regardless of what is causing the noise (loud parties, barking dog, screaming baby, loud tv, fighting/arguing)

    The noise level has been going on for a year & 8 months ... with many complaints from other tenants ... that's a long time to be disturbed in your own apartment -
    the landlord is giving her an extra two months over the eviction deadline

    no, it's not Drew's fault but it's not the neighbours' fault either

    I hope someone can help them find a house with a yard soon.

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