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    UK - Paedophile snared three years on after mum reads daughter's diary

    Paedophile is snared three years on... after a mother reads her daughter's diary
    A rapist who attacked a 13-year-old girl he groomed online was behind bars last night after his victim’s distressing diary entries were discovered by her horrified mother three years later.

    James Haig, 24, preyed on the vulnerable teenager after she logged on to a social networking site in search of friendship following a difficult time at school.

    He befriended her then arranged to meet the girl, taking her back to his father’s home where, ignoring her pleas to stop, he raped her.

    For three years she suffered in silence, confiding only in her diary, fearing she would get in trouble for meeting a stranger online and then in person.
    much more, with pictures, at Daily Mail link above

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    He's convicted but only gets 6 years? this is his third offense (that is known). He does have to register for life and can never have contact with children again...he will surely break that one...

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    Probably not. This is here in the UK. Suprised he even got a prison sentence.

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