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    Exclamation Novartis issues voluntary recall because of broken, mislabeled pills

    (CNN) -- Pharmaceutical company Novartis on Sunday voluntarily recalled a number of over-the-counter drugs -- including certain bottles of Excedrin and Bufferin -- because of complaints about mislabeled and broken pills.

    The Switzerland-based company said on its website that "there have been no related adverse (health) events" related to the problems. At the same time, it urged U.S. consumers to "either destroy or return unused" products that are part of the recall.

    The items involved in the voluntary recall include Excedrin and NoDoz products with expiration dates of December 20, 2014, or earlier, as well as Bufferin and Gas-X Prevention products with December 20, 2013, or earlier expiration dates.

    For a list of products associated with the recall, please go to: http://www.novartis-otc.com/otc/index.html


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    Thanks (as always), DK.

    I heard/saw this story on HLN yesterday and my jaw dropped. If memory serves, there were some potent Rx drugs that could have been mistakenly bottled in the OTCs.

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    Try and find a bottle of Excedrin. They're all gone. Kaput. Interestingly enough last month I went to buy a large bottle, but none to be had. The kid in the store told me only large bottles were recalled and was not sure why. Yesterday DD went to the store for me and I told her to get me the 24 count. She calls saying "Umm there is no Excedrin". I bawked swearing she didn't feel like looking. Sure enough she asked.

    So much time and voice raising could have been saved if I'd looked at Dark Knights post.

    Special thanks, DK.

    Trust me I went looking at three different stores and they have all been pulled.

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