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    VA - 8 yr old being charged with Arson


    The 180-year-old home went up in flames in a matter of minutes on December 27. Investigators were able to determine how the fire started, and more importantly, who started it.

    "It has been determined that it was incendiary in nature, meaning basically that it was set," explained Washington County Sheriff Fred Newman. "We have filed petitions against an 8-year-old male juvenile for that fire."

    The boy being charged was a foster child that had only been at the home for three days before the blaze. His foster mother, Lana Coalson, and her husband have ten other kids in their home right now.

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    WHAT is going on with all the children committing crimes?? We've got 10-year-olds killing 12-year-old friends, 15-year-olds shooting their sister, 5-year-olds stabbing people over juice boxes, 12-year-olds beating toddlers to death...and this. What is happening in our society when children think to perform these horrible acts?? UGH!!

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    So, since they are persuing charges, it leads me to believe that they have reasonable belief that this was not a kid playing with matches. he has likely made threats in the past, if they are seriously going after the kid in court. Makes me wonder if the foster parents were sufficiently warned. Most of the time, they have the right to decline a child or contest a placement, and with 10 other kids in the home, I certainly would have been contesting taking a firebug, as well. Hmmm.

    Usually, a sign of an eight year old setting fires is not a sign of a psychopathic arsonist in training, but rather, a severely troubled child. Sounds to me like they are just passing him from one system to another, since the foster care system now considers him "too risky". Growing up in and out of foster care, that is something that I saw happen a lot. A kid would act out one too many times and when the bare basics of psychiatric care could not fix them, they were pawned off to the criminal system as fast as possible, and as soon as they overstepped the line. Not the answer, if you ask me. It wasn't then, it isn't now.
    JMO. Unless there's a link, I can't prove it.

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