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    IN-mother beat kids over water cooler

    Sounds like a life of H#ll for these poor kids

    Greenwood Police arrested Sabrina Johnson, 30, after receiving a call of possible child abuse Sunday from Johnson's sister.

    Gail Austin said her daughter yelled that she was "gonna kill these kids" before she began hitting her three boys.

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    Whatever the family history, I give the grandmother some credit for sticking up for her grandkids instead of her daughter in this situation. I have often wondered if there would ever be anything that my son could do to change the way I feel about him. I love that kid more than I ever thought I could love anybody or anything in my life. But I think if my kid hurt his kids, it would change everything. I'd probably still love him, but I'd have to protect those kids over him. Sometimes the grandparents just keep making excuses for their abusive children, and the babies suffer.

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