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    OR - Tyrom Theis, 20, Gresham, 10 February 1994 *Fugitive*

    I have always wondered how this murderer has managed to steer clear of capture. He is tall and has a distinctive face, and was featured several times on AMW around the time of the crime. Some speculate he has been dead all these years. He would be 38 years old today.

    Below are the details, courtesy of the AMW website.


    Quote Originally Posted by America's Most Wanted
    It was early in the morning of January 17, 1994, when a masked gunman entered the Leather's Oil Company gas station in Gresham, Ore. The three women working that day were well-known in the small community: 25-year-old Mary Beth Carey and her mother-in-law, Rosalie Girtz, as well as Kay Endecott, were all victims of a robbery gone wrong -- a robbery, cops believe, committed by a young man that Kay knew all too well: former Leather's employee Tyrom Theis.
    Tyrom, or Ty to the locals, worked at the gas station in the months prior to January 17. Described as wholesome, on-time, and conscientious, Theis only had one spot of trouble during the time he worked at Leather's: he took $30 from the till, confessed, and was placed on suspension. During the forced leave, Theis eventually told his boss that he wouldn't be returning to work and that he needed "a change of scenery."
    Cops believe that Theis targeted the gas station that Sunday morning because he knew the cash register would be full with the weekend's receipts. They also think that Theis laid in wait, staking out his former workplace, until he made his move. What he may not have planned on was Kay working on January 17.
    Police tell AMW Theis didn't skip town right away, but could be anywhere in the United States by now.

    Tyrom Theis (then):

    How he might look today:

    He has this tattoo on his stomach:

    The crime scene as it looked in 1993:


    The victims:

    Kay Endecott:

    Mary Beth Garey (r):

    Rosalie Girtz:

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    Is it just me, or does he look like this UID?
    The tattoo on the stomach could have been covered as a way to disguise himself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cigarettes&lithium View Post
    Is it just me, or does he look like this UID?
    The tattoo on the stomach could have been covered as a way to disguise himself.
    That's not an UID. It is Tyrom Theis's NamUs missing profile.

    I'm going to move this thread to Missing but Not Forgotten.

    Other links:





    Tyrom Theis -- "clawing leopard" tattoo on stomach
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    Omg I put the wrong link! Sorry, long day �� http://unsolvedgratefuldeadfans.home...fiedMale2.html

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    If you know this man, contact the police before he kills again!


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    Has the 2 others who were caught ever said anything about Tyron? I figure he's 6 feet under, no way someone with a look that distinctive can get away for 20 years

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    Bumping...He would be 42 y/o now and needs to be brought to justice. Finally.

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