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    CA - Drunk Mom Left Kids Cold, Outside McDonald's


    Farris Martin
    A woman was arrested Sunday after officers found her children -- ages 4 and 9 -- huddled in some bushes near a McDonald's, trying to stay warm,

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    And she'll get them back with a slap on the hand...:-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarmelEyesD View Post
    And she'll get them back with a slap on the hand...:-(

    And they'll probably love her all the more, right?



    That's a cold shot. Bad enough you ditch your kids in the cold, but to go eat McDonald's without them?

    Note too she's no kid. Often we see young people either abusing, mistreating or plain abandoning their children. Not this woman.

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    When I was a kid on an air force base in upstate New York, kids weren't allowed in the commissary (the Base Grocery Store) on weekends - it was simply too crowded. Strollers were left on the sidewalk/entrance to the store, children ran around in the parking lot or stayed in cars while their parents shopped, which took a horribly long time because it was so crowded and the checkout lines were long. Older more daring kids bet each other how close they could get to being hit running in front of cars, and some babies under 6 months slept in their strollers on the sidewalk.

    I just say this, because it's amazing to me how the standard of care has changed in just one generation - that a mother would be arrested for what we were told to do, and for some reason DID do. *baffling*

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