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    Police: Woman beat burglar with bedpost


    ........According to court documents, Victoria Alexis Jones was in her Dorthea Dr. residence around 8 p.m. on January 13 with her two small children when 40-year-old Lucio Miranda allegedly broke in.

    Jones said she asked Miranda to leave and when he didn't, she said she sprang into action.

    More at link with his pictures....priceless..

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    Good for that lady!!!! We've had it with crime in the area where we live and work. There have been 7 murders here this month so far, many non-fatal shootings and stabbings, carjackings, armed robberies. The dollar stores are robbed nearly every day, lots of bank robberies. Every day and night lots of gunshots ring out on the streets. Some shot in the air and others into inhabited houses, some into cars and innocent people. The murder yesterday was an 18 year old girl. One night I took my daughter to the ER for pregnancy problems. While we were there, 2 boys only 15 years old came in after each having been shot in the face, neck, and chest. They had just been walking down the street to a friend's house. Anyone want to come and live in Flint, Michigan? Life expectancy isn't all that long here, and expect the things you worked hard for to be stolen from you. My husband and I work as volunteers in a prevention program. Do we teach the kids educational and communication skills or how to dodge bullets and knives? Just 50 years ago this was a really nice and safe city that people were happy and proud to live in. Now its a war zone. Trying to turn this around is not easy.

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    Yes, good for that lady. So sick of this stuff.

    And my town sounds a good bit like Jan's as described above, perhaps just a bit milder, but not a lot.

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