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    Lunch boxes recalled after poison warning

    •Expandable lunch boxes made by California Innovations
    •'Cryofreeze' gel pack inside may contain antifreeze chemicals
    •A dog reportedly died after biting one of the packs

    Mom alert! And please pass this on to anyone with children. Does your little one have an expandable lunch box made by California Innovations? If so, they say take out the gel pack that keeps the stuff cold IMMEDIATELY. I mean right NOW. It's poisonous.


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    This is not surprising, isn't that tragic? Toothpaste, pet food, now this? And who knows how many other products... When will the consumer adjust their vision to recognize that much of what's coming to us from China is toxic and unscrupulously tainted?

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    whenever I read a story like this, it sends me into my fantasy-world where I live in the wild and live off the land

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