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    TX - Kendrick Tarver for scalding 12-day-old daughter, Nacogdoches, July 2011


    Kendrick Tarver, 17, went before District Judge Campbell Cox to enter a guilty plea for injury to a child on Monday.

    "My opinion was it was an accident," said Treanna Carter, the baby's mother. "I mean, that's all I have to say at this point. It was an accident."

    "He did not try to hurt his daughter on purpose," said Hattie Franklin, Tarver's mother. "It was an accident. He didn't have any parenting classes and he did not know what he was doing and I just wanted everyone to know that it was an accident and he never been in any trouble."

    Child Protective Services reported the injury to the child seemed to be more inexperience and incomprehension than malice.

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    Okay, any normal person checks the temperature before they get in their own bath or shower. It didn't occur to him to check it for the baby? Oh come on.
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    Wow. His family is so busy covering for him that they don't seem to have much empathy for a newborn little girl who suffered second and third degree burns. I hope he NEVER has custody of this child.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belinda View Post
    Okay, any normal person checks the temperature before they get in their own bath or shower. It didn't occur to him to check it for the baby? Oh come on.
    Agreed..no parenting classes said his mother? Who needs a parenting class to know this? I'm sitting on my hands to avoid a long time out.......
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    I didn't read the article through, but was he present at the hospital for the birth and when the baby was released to go home? Because if he was, he didn't need a class. Bathing is one of the things that the nurses cover pre-release. Including testing the water with your wrist....

    Good to know he has supporters (insert sarcastic eye roll). Who's there to give support to the baby?
    JMO. Unless there's a link, I can't prove it.

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    Anyone this dumb should not be allowed to procreate, or do much else, for that matter. I have a feeling it's more than stupidity, there's a lot of anger in him. He's mad that he's 17 and now his entire future has changed. He's mad that he has to take care of an infant!

    I loved some of the comments at the link.

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    A district judge has sentenced a Nacogdoches man to the state prison system's boot camp on a charge that he burned his baby daughter in a bath.

    Judge Campbell Cox sentenced Kendrick Tarver to a ten-year prison sentence, probated to shock probation in 150 days. He must also pay a $1,500 fine.

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