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    TX - Child Left in Critical Condition, Police Arrest Stepfather




    He was found guilty today!!!!!

    Christopher Galindo

    the child had severe head trauma, second-degree burns, and showed signs of past physical abuse.

    Police say Galindo caused a severe head injury that sent the child to the hospital in critical condition.

    He is also accused of holding the child's foot under running hot water and causing bruising on the boy's genitals.

    It only took a few hours for a Taylor County jury to reach a verdict in the child abuse case of Christopher Galindo.

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    Thanks for posting. Poor little boy! Has anything been said about how he's doing?

    This is the first time this has happened to me. I'm a child abuse survivor, and have volunteered with abused & at-risk kids for years, so please keep that in mind when I say that, once I hit that link, that mugshot popped up and I had an unexpected visceral reaction to the perp's pic. Instant thought was so much pain in his eyes. So glad he's convicted, what he did was reprehensible. That pic, plus knowing he was a 19 yo stepfather to a 2 yo? There's more to this story, IMO.

    Prayers for the little one, and those who are caring for him.

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    Found this:


    they were able to detect previous injuries to boy, who is now in a wheelchair.
    [Galindo] grew up in an abusive household
    More in article

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    OK he's the one that called 911 right? Where was the mother in all this? Did she just stand by and watch?
    About the time we can make ends meet, somebody moves the ends. Herbert Hoover

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    I hope the little guy pulls through...I say throw the book at this loser!!!

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