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    KY - Man tortures pitbull puppy, drags behind truck


    A pit bull puppy named Malachi lies in bandages in a local animal hospital. He's in and out of sedation, has lost 30 percent of his skin and is waiting for another surgery.

    Meanwhile, the man accused of dragging the dog behind his truck is in the Warren County Regional Jail. Shane Helson, 22, of Richardsville, was arrested Monday at Greystone Pet Hospital after dropping by to visit the dog, according to the Warren County Sheriff's Office.

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    The guy says he forgot the dog was there. I tend to think the chain would have let him know at some point, sparking or making noise , but I dont know for sure. Hopefuly he did forget his dog was there and he did not do this on purpose.

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    uggg this is a hard case. Being an ACO myself, I would really have to investigate this on and interview the friend. It is truly possible that the man forgot he had tied his pup to his truck, but its also entirely possible he drug him with intent to hurt or kill him. Ive seen dogs who were tied in the back of pickups and jumped out, and were dragged. Its horrible. I believe this man should be punished and cited, even if it was an accident, the dog is still brutally injured. It sets a standard. I work daily to change the law about dogs riding in pickups, because this is what can happen. Please safely secure your buddy at all times.

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