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    FL - Pileup on I-75 kills at least 9, injures 18

    'We just hit it, and you couldn’t see anything': Nine dead and 18 wounded in pileup after fire clouds Florida interstate
    At least nine people died in a series of crashes caused by heavy smoke and fog overnight on Interstate 75 in north Florida.

    Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Patrick Riordan said the pileups happened around 3.45am Sunday on both sides of I-75 south of Gainesville. All lanes of the interstate remained closed as investigators began trying to figure out what caused the early morning crashes..
    What caused it? Did they take precautions?
    An estimated 20 vehicles were involved in the deadly crash.

    The FHP had closed the highway briefly overnight because of a mixture of fog and smoke from a marsh fire in the Paynes Prairie area south of Gainesville.

    Lt. Riordan said the agency had several troopers driving along the stretch of I-75 to access the situation early Sunday.

    'When the visibility cleared, we reopened the road,' he said.

    He said he is not sure how much time passed between the reopening of the highway and the first crash.
    more, with pictures and video, at Daily Mail link above

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    scary and so sad

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    the photos are horrifying

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    Now saying at least 10 people killed....which indicates to me there may still be more....


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    Nightmare horrific

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    oh the photos....what a nightmare. the witnesses could hear the crashes and screams....prayers out for everyone invloved.

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    How horrible I don't understand why 1-75 wasn't closed because of the smoke and fog?

    Prayers to all the victims and to the first responders.
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    If it is proven that the fire was intentionally set, can the arson be charged with murder?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daisy7 View Post
    How horrible I don't understand why 1-75 wasn't closed because of the smoke and fog?
    I-75 had been closed, but was reopened when conditions improved. After a change in the weather, the fog and smoke settled back on the highway.

    It doesn't matter if it's fog, smoke, blowing sand or blowing snow. Drivers tend to overestimate how far they can see and how fast they can stop. Slow down, back off from the vehicle in front of you and pray that the person behind you does the same.

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