Zombie George Washington: How a mad scientist planned to
reanimate the first president with lamb's blood after he died
(Daily Mail)
When George Washington died in December 14, 1799, the nation mourned the loss of the war hero who led the United States to independence.

But architect William Thornton believed America's first president was too important to leave the country so soon. He concocted a mad scheme to reanimate Washington's body and bring him back from the dead.
So - this Thornton architect fellow....who was he? And how did he plan to go about resurrecting the first president?
Thornton was also a trained doctor who had a medical degree from the University of Edinburgh. He had become entranced by the workings of the human body and the new concept of blood transfusion.

He wanted to thaw George Washington's body by the fire and rub it with blankets to warm him back up.

Then, Thornton would insert a fire bellows into his trachea to pump air back into his lungs.

The final, and most important step, would be giving him a transfusion of lamb's blood.
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