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    MO - Matthew Nelson for molesting young boys, Grain Valley, 2012

    Precious little boys....four of them. Stories like this rip my heart out. Classic offender behavior. The guy does it right in front of other children. Talk about bold and calculating. A surefire trick to delay any reporting as that tactic confuses children. They question the veracity of their experience, "Surely, Mr. Nelson wouldn't do something bad in front of the class." May these little guys get the therapy and support they will need to move forward. Shame on this horrid man!!

    Those "unusual outbursts" are a common cry for help, parents.


    Grain Valley [MO] Elementary School Teacher Arrested on Child Sex Charges
    January 25, 2012

    "A Grain Valley elementary school teacher has been charged with child molestation and sodomy of young boys at his school, prosecutors announced on Wednesday. Matthew J. Nelson, 33, faces one count of first-degree child molestation and three felony counts of statutory sodomy in connection to the alleged attacks on the boys, ages 7 through 9..."


    "....Nelson – a teacher at Prairie Branch Elementary School in Grain Valley – is alleged to have touched the boy’s private areas through their clothing or directly to their skin during classroom hours, including during movie times and reading periods. In an interview with Child Protection Center authorities, one of the boys said that the alleged incidents always happened while there were other students in the classroom, but never when there were any adults around. The parents of the alleged victims told police that they had noticed behavior changes in their children, slipping grades and unusual outbursts...."


    "...the alleged victims said that they felt safer when Nelson was “not at school,” and that Nelson would kiss them on the cheek when they would ask him about school work at his desk...."

    More at link (plus video)

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    Of course, Nelson has had "lots" of interaction with kids over the course of the last 10 years. Of course, he was well liked and respected. Of course, he volunteered to coach soccer. I have no doubt that he was involved with children in other venues too. Probably says "hi" when he walks his dog and keeps his yard neat and tidy.

    Am I jaded?

    By the book, Mr. Nelson.

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    ugh, even if he did nothing else, kissing them on the cheek is unacceptable

    but he sodomized them in the classroom?! what?! how is that possible? don't principals do random visits in that school?

    (welcome back missizzy)

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    Thank you, LadyL. I have to remind folks that offenders are FAST and creative. I just posted an update on the young teen who raped the 5 yr. old on a McDonald's play structure as her grandmother was nearby and other kids played. Our kids were abused a number of times while I was watching from a window. I just thought I could see everything.

    I'll never forget reading Anna Salter's fine book on offenders, "Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists, And Other Sex Offenders" (excellent book!!). She makes clear that many many of them gloat over offending right under people's noses. Adds to the thrill, I guess.

    Nobody, especially children, really wants to believe that they've observed a sexual assault.

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    April 2013:

    Family members of victims cheered when Matthew Nelson was sentenced for abusing 11 eastern Jackson County boys while they were in second and third grade. Parents wanted more jail time but were glad their children didn’t have to endure an emotional trial...

    Authorities arrested Nelson, now 34, after several students said that the teacher had touched their genitals either through or inside their clothing.

    According to court records, one student had described Nelson as “huggy,” while another had described how Nelson would “snuggle” with students on a classroom couch during movies...

    Last month, Nelson pleaded guilty to 16 counts of abuse involving the boys, who had attended Prairie Branch Elementary School. A plea agreement called for Nelson to serve 15 years in prison on each of 15 counts and seven years on a 16th count, with all sentences to run concurrently.

    Manners stuck to that agreement Thursday...

    In 2007, Nelson was recognized as a local teacher of the year...

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