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    Bowen, Horace born 1953 found July 2010 #142


    Mr. Bowen is under the jurisdiction of the Fulton County ME.
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    first name: H
    middle name:
    last name: Bowen
    name suffix:
    birth date: 26 November 1953
    social security number:xxxxxxxxxxxx
    place of issuance: Georgia
    last residence:
    zip code of last residence:
    death date: 17 July 2010
    estimated age at death: 57

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    Smile some clues

    I found thru ancestry.com that Mr. Bowen lived in Jacksonville, FL thru 1993 at an address on N. Washington St. It had been the same telephone number since 1935, so perhaps this was his parent's home, they died, and he moved.

    He shows up in 1994 on TY ST Ro in Atlanta, GA 30315. Then shows adresses on Adele St. and Troy St SE in Atlanta.

    Perhaps one of the neighbors of the Jacksonville address might remember the family?

    His middle initial may be E. Which may or may not stand for Emory.

    If you need more specific information, please let me know. I hesitate to put full addresses or other more identifying info on the message boards

    Hope it helps. sb

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    submitted my information to case mgr.

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    Any updates let me know, I may contact them.. I live in Georgia so that may help.

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    jacksonville address

    Horace E Bowen
    Birth Date: 26 Nov 1953
    Address: 305 N Washington St # 2, Jacksonville, FL, 32202-2701

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