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    Preacher Accused of Improper Secret Photography


    A former minister at a North Texas church, who also served as a nursing home chaplain, has pleaded guilty to secretly photographing people undressing and possessing child pornography.

    Matthew Porter pleaded guilty Monday in Granbury to eight counts of improper photography and seven counts of possessing child pornography.

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    Seems that this isn't the first time for Porter. I wonder how all those folks who supported him the first time feel now? Here's another article about his exploits:


    Ex-Granbury church volunteer pleads guilty to secretly taking photos, having child porn
    January 30, 2012

    "......This is the second time in four years that Porter has been accused of improper photography. In Florida, Porter was working as a youth minister when he was accused of videotaping students as they changed clothes at his home. He pleaded no contest to nine counts of misdemeanor voyeurism. He faced up to nine years in prison but was sentenced to 120 days in the Manatee County Jail to be followed by one year of probation after a number of people spoke on his behalf...."

    More at link

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