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    MN - "Weaving all over the ice": Zamboni driver's DUI arrest

    'Weaving all over the ice': Rink attendant, 34, arrested for drunk driving a Zamboni (Daily Mail)
    The bizarre incident took place at the Hayes Arena in Apple Valley, Minnesota
    [O]fficers....notched up a first when they took into custody the driver of a Zamboni ice skating rink cleaner.

    Stunned parents had watched as Joel Buss struggled to drive the specialist machinery across the ice.

    The 34-year-old was seen 'weaving 'in the motorized vehicle and struggling to park it after coming off the ice.
    Court records show he has three previous convictions for driving under the influence.
    more, with pictures, at link above

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    Quote Originally Posted by wfgodot View Post
    I'm a little surprised that police would have jurisdiction over driving in an ice rink.

    Does this mean you can get a DUI for driving a riding lawnmower in your own yard? A tractor in your own field?

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