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    MO - Ex-school employee charged with child-molestation has HIV


    Former school employee charged with child molesting had HIV (kansascity.com)
    A former drill team instructor and Kansas City Public Schools employee charged with child molestation and sodomy had the HIV virus, according to Jackson County prosecutors.

    A grand jury on Friday returned an indictment against Daniel M. Roberson, charging him with molesting a third child and exposing him to the infectious disease.

    Roberson, 40, now faces six felony counts.

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    Both links from fox4kc.com; first article published before Roberson's HIV status was known:

    Former Member of Marching Cobras Charged with Sodomy (19 December 2011)

    Man Charged with Allegedly Exposing Children to HIV (03 February 2012)

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    OMG. That poor child. Bad enough to be sexually assaulted, but by someone with HIV? How could he do that to a child? <Insert bad words here> And his bond is only 75,000? BTW, does cash bond mean he can't post 10%? Or does the 10% have to be cash, not collateral? Does anyone know? I see different terms for bail and am never quite sure what they mean.
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    B, I'm not sure how the cash bond works.

    Talk about your worse fears coming true. How many other kids haven't told? They are at risk. I feel like poking him in the eyeballs for real.

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    It's infuriating enough to realize what children have to live with when being harmed by a pedophile. The fact that he's exposed them to a life threatening disease takes it to a place of evil I can't find the words for.

    Prayers for these sweet children. Their pain is enough. Please, please don't let them have caught this awful virus from this <insert curse here>.

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