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    NY - Adam Falcon, 20, Canton, Nov 2004

    Police suspend search for missing student

    Updated: 11/14/2004 5:27 PM
    By: News 10 Now Web Staff

    Canton police have called off a search for a college student who was last seen early Saturday morning.

    20-year old Adam Falcon was last seen leaving the Tick Tock Inn, early Saturday morning.

    Police say he left by himself.

    Falcon is on the St. Lawrence University soccer team.

    His coach and teammates started getting concerned when he didn't show up for a championship soccer game on Saturday

    The coach and players started searching on their own.

    They didn't have any luck, and that's when they decided to contact village police

    "Never once has this happened. I mean this is a total shock to all of us. I mean like I said, he's a great guy, and we knew he wouldn't miss this game for the world. So something must have happened," said Falcon’s teammate Ryan O’Dowd.

    Falcon is about 5’9’’ tall, and weighs 160 pounds.

    He has brown curly hair and brown eyes.

    Anyone with information is asked to call the Canton Village Police Department.

    That number is (315) 386-4561

    Link with photo:

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    Mystery deepens over missing student
    St. Lawrence student disappeared Saturday

    Jeffrey Blackwell
    Staff writer
    November 17, 2004

    CANTON — The search for a former Victor High School soccer standout continued in this quiet village Tuesday as residents and fellow students at St. Lawrence University hoped for the best ending in an increasingly puzzling mystery.

    After three days of searching nearly every village block by foot, the Grasse and Little rivers by boat and the entire area by helicopter, Canton police redirected the investigation early in the day to focus on chasing down leads that could provide a clue as to what happened to 20-year-old Adam Falcon, who was last seen early Saturday morning.

    When little turned up, Canton Police Chief Alan Mulkin called in the State Police canine team late in the day to do another search of the St. Lawrence County village. That search also failed to provide any answers.

    "We have no substantial leads," he said.

    Falcon, who lives in a dormitory on campus, was reported missing after failing to show up for a St. Lawrence soccer game Saturday afternoon.

    Falcon, a red-shirted member of the soccer team because of an injury, was last seen walking out of a Canton bar about 1:30 a.m. Mulkin said there were indications that Falcon had been drinking that night.

    Members of the men's soccer team notified police of Falcon's disappearance about 10 p.m. Saturday after an unsuccessful search by the team of the campus and the village.

    Mulkin said the deep concern of the players and coaching staff prompted an extensive search Sunday and Monday by volunteers, village police, State Police and local fire department rescue teams.

    Monday, local police and fire rescue team searched the Grasse River, which runs through the village. A State Police helicopter did an aerial search of the area. Police also notified nearby Plattsburg City Police, SUNY Plattsburg security and are reaching out as far as the University of Vermont in Burlington.

    Posters with Falcon's photograph and description have been posted on the doors of many of the campus buildings and throughout the village. The posters were sent to State Police and law enforcement agencies from Monroe County to Vermont.

    "We've had incidents in the past where a student goes missing and after five hours of searching the person shows up and didn't know he was missing," Mulkin said. "That is great. That's the way we wish it always happened. It was because of the level of the team's concern that we decided we should jump on it right away."

    Chasing leads

    Leads chased Monday and Tuesday provided no clues to what may have happened to Falcon. Search teams Sunday found a baseball cap thought to belong to Falcon a few blocks from the Tick-Tock Tavern, the last place he was seen Saturday morning. They also found one of two cell phones used by Falcon. Police said there was no activity on the cell phone since his disappearance, no messages, no calls placed. Investigators also checked the student's bank accounts, ATM and credit cards for activity and found none. Falcon's computer also was confiscated for investigation.

    Mulkin said they are also checking the videotapes from the cameras of village banks and businesses on the chance he may have passed before the lens of one of the cameras. Falcon's father, Mike, studied the tapes with police Tuesday afternoon.

    Mike Falcon and his wife, Carla, of Victor, have been in Canton since the weekend. They have participated in the searches and are helping police, Mulkin said.

    Family members declined comment Tuesday.

    The canine search is expected to continue today. If he is not found by Friday, police will set up a roadblock in the village to pass out posters and ask again whether anyone has any information about the missing student. Further foot searches by volunteers have been called off.

    The search by the State Police helicopter lasted for several hours Monday, covering the village, the river and surrounding areas. It was a clear day, and Mulkin said they were flying very low.

    "If he was in a visible position we would have seen him," Mulkin said. "People on the ground said we were flying so low that they could almost see our eyes."

    Community concern

    At the school and in the village there is a great deal of concern about Falcon's disappearance. St. Lawrence University officials have set up a counseling center at the school. Mulkin was scheduled to talk to students and answer questions Tuesday night at the Student Center.

    In Canton, a village of about 10,000, residents and businesses feel a strong connection to the school and the students. Falcon's disappearance is a concern for many. The college is one of Canton's largest employers and economic source.

    Main Street has been restored and refashioned to make students feel comfortable in the village. There are a collection of coffee shops, small shops and storefronts. An old theater features first-run movies.

    "This is a small-town community with a feeling of safety," said Karen St. Hilaire, executive director of the Canton Chamber of Commerce. "It's a feeling that if you are a student up here, you are part of the community."

    Karen Thatcher, a 30-year resident of Canton, said she feels for Falcon and his family.

    "I'm a mother and I know how devastated I'd be if my child disappeared," she said. "I don't know what to think. I don't know if it was a terrible accident or, I don't want to think crime is involved."

    Not knowing what happened is what is worrying many people. It is a topic of conversation in businesses and on the street. Some residents have found themselves taking an extra glance in the river or looking for signs along the riverbanks.

    Brain Johnson, who works at the Partridge Coffee Den on Main Street, has looked into the river and along the railroad tracks as he walks to work. He said many residents are doing the same thing.

    "I've been theorizing about what could have happened to him. We all have," he said. "I put myself in his position; what would I do at 2 a.m.? I might find a nice spot where it was cool, whatever. We are keeping hope that the worst scenarios don't work out. We are keeping the good ones in mind first."

    But Ryan McBatch, a resident and student at SUNY Canton, is quick to point out that Falcon is a college student like himself and that there may be a simple answer to the mystery.

    "It's a little suspicious," he said. "But he would not be the first kid who went off on a road trip and didn't tell anybody."

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    i mean, who takes a road trip at 1:30 am, leaves behind their cell phone,and never uses any money?

    i hope so...but i dont know how likely this is.

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    Body of Saint Lawrence University student found in the Grasse River

    Updated: 11/18/2004 9:41 PM
    By: News 10 Now Staff

    We have breaking news out of St. Lawrence County.

    The body recovered from the Grasse River near Miner St. in Canton is that of missing SLU soccer player Adam Falcon. It will be taken to Albany for an autopsy. Police tell us they are treating the area as a crime scene.

    He went missing early Saturday morning after a night at the Tic Tock Inn.


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    Can't see him wandering around for 5 1/2 days, then wandering into the river and drowning himself. They had already searched there once, so it's pretty odd.
    Just the facts, Ma'am.

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    Scary trend!

    All of these kids going to bars and then ending up in rivers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by audrey77
    All of these kids going to bars and then ending up in rivers!
    I agree....makes me think of the Green River killer....how long did his spree last? A long damn time, I know that much......

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    I had a feeling he'd met with a bad end, but this is so sad. God be with his family and lead the police to find out what happened to him soon.

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    It is horribly sad. Prayers for his family and friends. I hope they figure out what happened to give them some closure.

    It's good that the police there seem to be treating it like foul play. It seems like all of the young men who have disappeared or drowned here in the midwest have been automatically labeled "tragic accidents". LE "doesn't see a connection".

    I'm sure sometimes they are accidents. But not all of them... Surely it's too many to just be a coincidence?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CeeJay
    It is horribly sad. Prayers for his family and friends. I hope they figure out what happened to give them some closure.

    It's good that the police there seem to be treating it like foul play. It seems like all of the young men who have disappeared or drowned here in the midwest have been automatically labeled "tragic accidents". LE "doesn't see a connection".

    I'm sure sometimes they are accidents. But not all of them... Surely it's too many to just be a coincidence?


    Didn't see any updates on this, thought some of you would like to know what happened since the original investigation.

    "Two college students charged in connection with events leading up to the death of Victor's Adam Falcon were sentenced Tuesday.

    The St. Lawrence University student from Victor was found dead in the Grasse River in Canton, St. Lawrence County, last November. Toxicology reports revealed he had a high blood alcohol level.

    Police said that Falcon started drinking at a campus party, then used a fake I.D. to buy booze at a bar in Canton, NY. Greta Thomas and Keith Sullivan, bartenders at the Tick Tock Inn, were sentenced to 50 hours of community service each. "

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