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    IA - Kevin Martin, 21, Des Moines, 18 July 2004

    Kevin Russell Martin

    DOB: 04/07/1983 Height: 5'11"
    Age: 21 Weight: 140 lbs.
    Hair: Blonde Race: White
    Eyes: Blue Sex: Male
    Incident Type: Endangered

    Kevin A. Martin was reported missing to the Des Moines Police Department 07/19/2004. He was last seen wearing jeans, a green drop kick murphy t-shirt and white tennis shoes.

    Contact Information:
    If you have information regarding the disappearance of this individual, please contact: the Des Moines, Iowa, Police Department at 515/283-4800

    Iowa Missing Persons:

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    Volunteers come to a mother's aid
    But the search for a missing 21-year-old is one where
    nobody wants to find anything

    November 14, 2004

    She'll start with the river.

    The psychics had told her he could be "by the water," so this is where Patricia Gilson Martin will look for her son's body.

    She had never been to a psychic before, but Kevin Martin has been missing since July and she is worried that people are starting to forget.

    They might think Kevin was found, that he came home to his Sherman Hill apartment and the cat he named Marilyn after the blond movie star he was crazy for. But he didn't.
    Gilson Martin has put up missing persons fliers in Iowa college towns - places she figures a 21-year-old might turn up if he ran off - but no one has come forward to say yes, I've seen your son.

    So now the river might make sense, if anything about his disappearance did. The Royal Mile, the pub where Kevin was last seen around closing time on July 18, is near the Des Moines and Raccoon rivers.

    Last weekend Gilson Martin organized a search by hanging up fliers in Des Moines churches and office buildings and at Lincoln High School, where he graduated.

    If Kevin is here, along the riverbank or in the woods, she will find him.

    She tells herself she is just being realistic about what could have happened to her youngest son. But really, she planned the search out of frustration.

    "Nothing new has come about," she said. "No new leads, nothing. I had to do something."

    On Saturday morning, she stands on the corner at Fourth Street and Court Avenue, waiting for volunteers to arrive to help her conduct a search where no one really wanted to find anything.

    Patsy Shors held out a mittened hand to Gilson Martin.

    She asked: Are you the mother?

    Most of the 40 or so people who show up for the search are like Shors. They don't know Kevin or his mother, and they don't think they will unearth anything today.

    But they are willing to walk through the woods and around the warehouses of the southwest of downtown Des Moines if that's what it takes to show a stranger that someone else cares.

    A friend asked John Laktash of Des Moines what he would do if he actually found a body. He said he would worry about that if it happened.

    Today isn't about finding a body, he said. It's about being supportive.

    "I felt a real solidarity with her as a mother," Shors said. "I have four sons. It could have been one of mine."

    Jerry Shoup of Des Moines is there because he had a brother who was missing and eventually turned up alive in Nebraska.

    "A lot of people helped us out and it was rough," he said. "I'm just going to give back."

    Gilson Martin directs everyone to folding tables weighted down with bagels, doughnuts and coffee. She bought some food for the searchers, and local businesses gave enough snacks and drinks to fill a minivan and feed more than 100 people.

    A manager at the QuikTrip near Kevin's apartment arranged for the convenience store to donate cases and cases of colored sports drinks. It wasn't the charity that made Gilson Martin happy as much as what happened when she showed him the missing persons flier.

    "He remembered Kevin," she said.

    Search gets going
    Gilson Martin divides everyone up into five groups and hands out search maps.

    She's done this before, in Scotia, N.Y., where she now lives and drives a school bus.

    Craig Frear, a 17-year-old boy, disappeared about a month before Kevin did. His family organized a search. Gilson Martin walked through thick woods with others, looking for him. Although they didn't find him, the search gave her an idea.

    "I thought Kevin deserved his own search," she said.

    The police detectives told her last month the case was getting colder.

    Usually, Des Moines Police Detective Brent Curtis can track missing people with a credit card, but Kevin had none, he said. Nothing was missing from his apartment, but there is no reason to suspect foul play, either.

    "We literally have nothing," Curtis said. There are about 1,000 runaways and 100 missing persons reported in Des Moines every year. Almost all cases eventually are resolved, Curtis said, but Kevin's case is unusual because he has been missing so long.

    Curtis came to the search in uniform to pass out missing persons fliers with a new tidbit that Gilson Martin is grateful for: A $1,000 reward for information leading to Kevin.

    Curtis decided to check out a few spots along the river himself and Gilson Martin headed down a rocky railroad toward the Raccoon River and Flanagan's Restaurant and Lounge where Kevin worked.

    Maybe Kevin, who didn't drive, tried to walk home or to Flanagan's from downtown, she said.

    Clothing found
    Another searcher calls out to her from some brush near a tree.

    "We found some khaki pants," he said.

    She follows him through the weeds, past some blankets spread out on the ground to form a makeshift bed, where others stare uncertainly at the tan pile of cotton.

    No, she shakes her head. Kevin was wearing jeans the night he disappeared.

    It's like this all morning. Searchers find clothes and homeless shelters in the woods. They pay attention to anything green because Kevin was wearing a green T-shirt when he was last seen.

    Around noon, Gilson Martin runs into a group coming from the woods. The area has been covered, they tell her. She nods, and they start to head back.

    Suzy Richmond, one of Kevin's close friends, gives Gilson Martin a hug and wonders if she should give her pictures she has of Kevin that were taken about a week before he disappeared.

    "He was laughing and making funny faces," she said. "I thought they would make her happy."

    Then Gilson Martin notices a familiar silver ring on Richmond's finger.

    "Kevin gave it to you, right?" she asks.

    Richmond offers to give it back.

    "No, you keep it," Gilson Martin tells her with a smile. "Show it to Kevin when he comes back."


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    Bumping for Kevin.
    Still no leads in this case. I live near Des Moines. Kevin went missing after leaving a bar that I have gone to several times. I am so perplexed by this case.

    Here is a link to a page that has a picture of Kevin:


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    IA - Des Moines, bones & clothing in river, Feb'05 - Kevin Martin

    Des Moines, Iowa

    Prayers for someone who will have an answer.
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    Bones Found On Des Moines River

    DES MOINES- The watchful eyes of a fisherman led authorities to a suprising discovery in the Des Moines river. Tuesday afternoon, a fisherman said he saw what looked like human bones stuck on the log jam in the river. The remains were found near SE First St. at the railroad bridge.

    Officers and detectives were immediately on the scene, and one on-looker says it's scary this is happening in her neighborhood. Jennifer Reigel, from Des Moines, said, “Lots of people down here are afraid of the river because things like this turn up. There's been people who have turned up dead around here so we're cautious of it here in the neighborhood.”

    Investigators say the remains were made up of a rib cage and other bones, along with some clothing fabric. According to Sgt. Tony Steverson, the bones have been identified as human, and have been sent to a lab in Kansas City, Missouri to undergo more tests.


    Prayers for any families in Iowa awaiting an answer, Lanie

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    Possibly a break in this case

    http://www.woitv.com/Global/story.as...1&nav=1LFXVtIqThe bones of an adult male have been found near the Des Moines River which is not far from the bar that Kevin disappeared from. Kevin's mom is flying in to give a DNA sample to help determine if the remains are Kevins. This is not the result I was hoping for but at least the family would know that he is in heaven now and not being held captive someplace.

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    Investigators Focus On Missing Metro Man To ID Bones

    DES MOINES- More is known about a set of human bones found along the Des Moines River last Tuesday. Police say the bones could be that of 21-year-old Kevin Martin.

    Martin went missing nearly seven months ago. He was last seen July 18th leaving a downtown Des Moines bar. His mother, who lives on the east coast, has organized a number of searches for her son, and is providing a DNA sample to investigators.

    Right now, police say Kevin Martin is the only missing person being considered in the case.

    Anyone with information is asked to call the Des Moines PD at (515) 283-4800.

    Prayers of comfort for the Martin family, Lanie

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    Has the autopsy concluded this man is Martin or not?

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    Remains belong to man who was missing

    Kevin Martin, 21, had vanished after leaving a bar in downtown
    Des Moines last July.

    April 22, 2005

    Human remains found in the Des Moines River in February are those of missing Des Moines man Kevin Martin, police said Thursday.

    Laboratory results matched DNA from the remains to a family member of Martin, a 21-year-old who was last seen leaving a downtown bar in the early morning hours of July 18, 2004.

    In February, bones were discovered in a pile of sticks and trash on a sandbar near an abandoned railroad bridge just downstream from Principal Park.

    At that time police found materials near the bones, including keys and some clothing, that matched items belonging to Martin.

    Police said the body was never completely recovered because it was so badly decomposed, so they don't know what happened to Martin or how he ended up in the water.

    Sgt. David Ness said authorities do not suspect foul play.

    "There's no way to definitively rule out foul play, but detectives have conducted a lengthy investigation and have no reason to believe foul play was involved," Ness said.

    Martin had been depressed, police have said. It is still not clear how he ended up near the river.

    He had been living in Des Moines and was working at Flanagan's Restaurant and Lounge at 2120 Ingersoll Ave.

    In November, several dozen volunteers joined Martin's mother, Patricia Gilson Martin, and searched the riverbanks for him after a psychic told her he could be "by the water."


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    Unhappy The DSM Police really failed the family in this case...

    I am truly disappointed with the Police dept. in Des Moines over this case. When Kevin first went missing, he was out with some 'friends' (if you really call them friends). Of these friends, one was a room mate of his.

    This room mate didn't tell Kevin's father that Kevin has been missing till 7pm that night (Kevin was missing since 2:15am the morning of the 18th of July). What's more, is this friend, worked with him at Flanagan's as well. Yet when Kevin didn't show up to work (very unlike Kevin), he didn't call the police then or even from his place of work when he got off work, but rather from a bar up the street, after he got off work. He flagged down a cop and made his report while intoxicated (according to the police report).

    Furthermore, this 'friend' told the police he had been depressed, when the fact is, that is not really true, but the police didn't follow thru with that..they just took his word for it and went with the story. Not a SINGLE person was interviewed upon the report being made. The person who made the initial report, his words were the only ones the police used. Because he was 'depressed' and therefore possibly took his own life, they didn't do any investigating.

    That is, a P.I. was hired about 6 weeks later. THEN everyone started getting interviewed. In fact, the father wasn't interviewed by the police until December, 5 full months later. Even then it was done by phone. The father lived diagnolly across the street from Kevin at the time.

    Some observations, and purely observations at this time is the fact that one (or two, or all three) of the guys he was out with, may know more about what happened that fateful night/early morning.

    For one thing, one of them has a rap sheet with some quite extensive charges on it. In fact, he was pulled over by the police just one week after Kevin's disappearance, with an automatic weapon in his car with him. Supposedly he didn't like Kevin much and used to bully on him, but they had mutual friends...thus why they were together periodically. Was this guy ever looked at? In early October he was finally interviewed.

    Was the car they went to this bar ever looked at? Not ever. The owner of the car gave two different stories out about that night. To the police (it is in the report) he stated that had he known Kevin was going on his own, he wouldn't have let him...but to others he stated he left at least 1/2 hour prior to Kevin's last walk to wherever he was going.

    Only half of his human remains have been found. His wallet wasn't on him, and he left his brand new watch with the owner of the car (who left earlier supposedly).

    Personally, I think there is something those boys know, that they aren't letting anyone else know. Without the rest of his remains (or even with them, depends on what is found within them), we may never know.

    Just some thoughts.

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    Morgaine, Have you talked to the police about all of this? I am assuming you have and they just don't care. How about talking to his mother? She certainly needs to know what really happened. I think I would suffer major depression if I thought one of my children had committed suicide. I would encourage you to do something with your knowledge.

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    I have told the police...

    I am close to the family. They haven't given them any reason to suspect anything of them. They don't appear to care at all. The mother and I talk more often than I'd want. I have spoken to the brother of Kevin, who also believes that he met with an unfriendly end.

    What more can I do? I will do more when I have more financial ability to do so, but right now, without the full human remains, there's not much that can be done. The human remains found are from the waist down only. Wallet wasn't there, but his swiss army knife, and keys were still in his pants. If we could find the top portion of his remains, we'd be in a better place to find out more.


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    Do you live in the Des Moines area? I do. I have also been to the bar that Kevin was last seen at several times (I was not there the night of his dissapperance). Very little was said about this case on the news and in the papers. I feel bad that more wasn't done.

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    Kevin deserves more than the police have given him...


    I no longer live in the DSM area, but did for about 5 yrs. The people at that bar say they didn't know the boys...not true entirely. They used to go to Flanagan's as well as the Flanagan crew going there. They just didn't want any involvement in the case.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgaine

    I no longer live in the DSM area, but did for about 5 yrs. The people at that bar say they didn't know the boys...not true entirely. They used to go to Flanagan's as well as the Flanagan crew going there. They just didn't want any involvement in the case.

    I find it hard to believe that they didn't know Kevin. Flanagan's isn't that far from the Royal Mile. You are right, they are just trying to cover their own behinds. Too much at stake if they admitted knowing Kevin.

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