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    MO - Charity Coscia, 28, found decomposed in dad's Seligman home, 21 Jan 2012

    Sad case. One wonders why the father left her there to rot. It's undecided if charges of any sort will be filed, although if they do it will be "leaving a corpse without promptly reporting it to law enforcement," according to local LE.

    Woman starved (Cassville Democrat)
    Barry County Coroner Jim Fohn said an autopsy completed on the body of Charity Ann Coscia, of Seligman, shows that she died of malnutrition.

    "She just wouldn't eat," said Fohn. "She had a history of this."

    Fohn said he was not sure if Coscia had been diagnosed as anorexic.
    When is the last time someone checked on her?
    "It is true that she hadn't been checked on for up to six weeks," said Fohn. "Why he (Coscia's father, Peter Coscia) didn't check on her is beyond me."
    Who found her, then?
    On Jan. 21, the body of Charity Coscia was found in the Seligman home of her father after her brother, Scott Coscia, of Purdy, called the sheriff's department to report a foul odor in the home.

    "Scott said he had called to check on his sister earlier in the month and his father said she was fine," said Barry County Sheriff Mick Epperly. "That obviously was not the case."
    more at Cassville Democrat link above

    WS's Kathee also has the story on her The Crime Scene blog, with a picture of Charity Coscia; the article was posted before cause of death had been released, though:

    Woman's Decomposing Body Found In Father's Home

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    How terribly sad. How could her father not smell the decomposition? I understand she wished to be left alone, but he couldn't even just check on her? Knock on the door and get a response? Clearly she had some health issues, but he apparently didn't try to get her help. At least that's the way it looks to me right now. I know there is only so much you can do after they turn 18. Still.....
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    How devastating. Beautiful young woman.

    Who knows what goes on in people's homes? People's minds? Could it be her dad just couldn't handle it anymore? Was in his own world?

    FB the lovely young woman has friends. Belonged to a ministry. You just don't know.


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