So, Miller was never fired--just removed from the classroom, after 35 years with those kids. Hmmm. Now reports are rolling in.

'Music teacher of the year' accused of showering with students
February 8, 2012

Los Angeles police have reopened an investigation into molestation charges against a Hamilton High School music teacher who is now the subject of two lawsuits. Vance Miller, a 35-year veteran of the Los Angeles Unified School District, was fired by the district Tuesday along with a second teacher from an unrelated case.

Miller, 59, had been named "Southern California Outstanding Music Teacher of the Year" in 2010 -- the same year that allegations of sexual misconduct first surfaced. At the time, Miller was removed from the classroom and reassigned to local district offices, but not placed on administrative leave.

In both lawsuits, the alleged victims claimed Miller befriended and mentored students, and groomed them into relationships that became sexual in nature...."

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