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    UK - Somerset's crazed 'Cold Cat Killer' claims 34th victim

    'Cold Cat Killer' strikes again as he kills 34th feline victim by lacing chicken pieces with anti-freeze (Daily Mail)
    A psychopath dubbed the ‘Cold Cat Killer’ is believed to have struck for the 34th time - after lacing chicken with anti-freeze.

    Dozens of moggies have died agonising deaths after ingesting the harmful liquid, which has previously been soaked into biscuits and cat nibbles.

    Terrified residents in Bridgwater, Somerset, say they are 'too frightened' to let their pets out of the house following the spate of killings.
    Have police been on the case?
    Avon and Somerset Police said the force was aware cats had been poisoned by anti-freeze in the past.
    Up to 34 felines are believed to have died as a result of anti-freeze poisoning in Bridgwater and the nearby hamlet of Stogursey, Somerset, over the last four years.
    What sort of sentence we talking if this person's found guilty?
    Anyone found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal could face a maximum six-month prison sentence and a £20,000 fine under the Animal Welfare Act.
    The fine is fine, but the maximum prison sentences needs to be quadrupled. More, with pictures, and the sad tale of the death of the ginger tom cat Fudge, at DM link above; Judge Lynch should preside over this trial when they catch the culprit.

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    not gonna read . . . crazy people out there. I mean CATS are harmless to us, right?
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