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    Australia - Prue Bird, 13, Glenroy, Vic, 2 Feb 1992 *L. Camilleri guilty*


    20 years ago 13 year old Prue Bird went missing from her Glenroy home (suburb of Melbourne).

    Today, Barwon Prison inmate Leslie Camilleri has been charged with her murder.

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    As I'm from Australia, I read up on this case and then did a search on Les Camilleri, the guy who has been charged of murdering her.

    Oh my god, what utter scum. I am so glad this guy will never get out of jail and has spent a long time in jail as he was definitely a serial killer.

    It seems Prue may have been his first victim......he along with another guy abducted another girl in 1997 and raped her, she escaped. 3 weeks later the same guys repeatedly raped and stabbed to death 2 other young girls.

    I am hoping the police are now looking into missing girls in the 5 years between as there is no way this monster stopped after Prue..

    I felt sick reading what they did to the two girls from Bega.

    Evil man.

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    Yes, a total piece of crap.
    Sorry we don't have the death penalty down here.

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    Well this case just got more disturbing with it being linked to a bombing in Melbourne 4 years earlier where a Police woman was killed.

    Apparently, an informant in the bombing case lived with the murdered girl's grandmother and a threat was made to anyone testifying against them that they and their families would be murdered.

    Then we find Prue Bird murdered.

    Sounds like a piece to a puzzle which is connecting some previously unconnected events.

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    I am so glad that there may be some answers about Prue. I live now far from Glenroy, both when she went missing and now, and recall her posters being up all around. Now there are more suspects in her disappearance/murder, I hope one of them helps the police find her remains. It is so sickening a young girl lost her life in this "underbelly" war, those men are animals.

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    The mystery of what happened remains unsolved to this day, despite convicted murderer Leslie Alfred Camilleri last year confessed to killing Prue. Even the judge who sentenced him to 28 years jail found his explanation “implausible” and didn’t believe he’d told the truth.

    Ms Bird, too, is unconvinced the whole story has been told — she thinks there were others involved and the murder was “payback” for her own mother’s connection with one of Victoria’s most shocking crimes...

    At Camilleri’s sentencing Ms Bird asked him directly to tell her where her daughter is buried so she could give her a dignified farewell. “He’s given us three different locations. I don’t think we will ever know.”

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