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    SC - mom caught on video stuffing cotton down baby's throat

    MBP maybe???


    Chevonne Deandra Younginer

    17-year-old Summerville mother was arrested after she stuffed a piece of cotton down her child's throat, covered her with a blanket and walked away at the children's hospital last Friday.

    the reason the baby was under video surveillance was because the child had suffered from "numerous, life-threatening episodes.

    her daughter was admitted into the hospital two weeks ago because she "frequently quits breathing or starts choking."

    Younginer also said that her child had been doing this for almost her entire life and that she herself was proud of herself because she had become good at performing CPR on her baby "so she doesn't die."

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    Yep, sounds like classic MSBP to me.

    RIP McStays

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    January 2014:

    She was originally charged with child neglect and the charge was upgraded to attempted homicide by child abuse in January 2013.

    The plea agreement to the charge of attempted murder meant she faced up to 30 years in prison. Circuit Judge Roger Young sentenced her to 10 years in prison and five years of probation to include mental health treatment.

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    Thank you Rayemonde, for following up on so many crimes against children cases to update status for all of us. I appreciate it so much and I know others do as well. It is very sad that there are so many cases and new ones coming in every day.

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