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    UK - Hilda Murrell, 78, Shrewsbury, 21 March 1984

    This is one of those cases to delve into if you find the time; it will richly reward your interest though it is a mystery which may never be solved in spite of a murder conviction in 2005. 78-year-old Hilda Murrell was a fascinating woman, "a rose grower, naturalist, diarist and campaigner against nuclear energy and weapons" (her Wiki page is here, and anyone with interest in the case is recommended to read it for background). In 1984, she was abducted, beaten, stabbed, then succumbed to hypothermia. The question, if one does not accept the approved state narrative, is - by whom? and why?

    From today's Mail:

    DNA evidence revives mystery of nuclear protester's murder and
    British Intelligence involvement as doubt is cast on killer's conviction

    New doubt has been cast on the conviction of a teenage burglar for the controversial Eighties murder of anti-nuclear campaigner Hilda Murrell.

    Her nephew Robert Green, who was a naval commander, has written a book containing details of DNA evidence not disclosed at the trial.

    The case has been hotly debated because at the time then Labour MP Tam Dalyell claimed ‘men of British Intelligence’ were involved.
    Some 19 years later, in June 2003, police charged Andrew George, a 35-year-old builder’s labourer, with Miss Murrell’s murder.
    Cdr Green, Miss Murrell’s closest living relative, has been given a previously undisclosed witness statement made by a forensic scientist in the case.

    The expert, Michael Appleby, says he found DNA on the underside of Miss Murrell’s fingernails from a male and that it did not match that of George.

    According to Cdr Green, this evidence was withheld from the jury at George’s trial but ‘almost certainly would have acquitted George’.
    the rest, with pictures, at link above

    The slightest bit of googling will reveal many more links about the case.

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    I have an account of this case in the book The Chronicle of Crime. It was written before George was arrested and makes the case that she was murdered to avenge the torpedo sinking of the battle cruiser Belgrano by the British nuclear submarine Conquerer. The 1982 action killed 323 sailors.
    This my opinion and to the best of my knowledge, that is, if I'm not joking.

    Stan Reid

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    Mossad seems to be a popular choice for the culprit. Well, at least on-line. That qualifies it a bit.

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