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    MA~Kevin McNicol continued to lure girls even after police seized computer

    This is outrageous!! So, the guy continues to lure young girls--even after his computer was seized??? And they released him on $10,000 bail. Give me a break. The guy can't stop himself.


    Suspect arrested and charged in child pornography case
    February 7, 2012

    "...After an extensive investigation by ICAC members from the Massachusetts State Police, the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office, and the Barnstable Police Department; a laptop computer belonging to Kevin McNicol of Hyannis, was seized. A forensic examination of that computer revealed several videos and images of young females being posed in states of nudity and engaged in sexual acts. These videos appeared to have been created during webcam chats McNicol was having with the young females..."


    "...During the victim’s interview she told investigators that 2 months after McNicol's computer had been seized in the search warrant, he had contacted her online and continued his efforts to entice her to take more pictures of herself to send to him...."


    "...The Barnstable District Court placed a $5,000 bail on McNicol..."

    More at link (plus mugshot)

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    The extremely low bail for child pornography lately has really been upsetting me. He has already proved he will continue with his activities, knowing the police are investigating him. Why would they give him such a low bail? Ah, it's Massachusetts. They tend to be rather lenient with sex offenders and have closed records.
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    I'm sorry, Belinda. I knew as I posted this that it would set your teeth on edge. Mine too. What more evidence does the court need to either hold this man or set an extremely high bail? He can't control himself, plain and simple.

    Who loses? The children and teens.

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    Somer Thompson anyone???
    Computer seized... and that didn't stop him from luring and murdering...

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