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Thread: Hotel worker sees Josh & boys day Susan reported missing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jules71 View Post
    "Among the new information detectives have received lately: A hotel worker in Sandy, Utah, 17 miles south of Salt Lake City, told them Josh Powell and the boys showed up for a continental breakfast the day Susan Powell was reported missing."


    "Charlie looked right up at me and he says, 'Do you know what happened to my mom?' So I say, 'No, what happened to your mom?"' Snyder told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

    She never got an answer. She was called to fetch coffee for guests and when she returned, Josh Powell had left with his boys.
    I think it is strange that the waitress did not wait, what one minute maybe, to hear Charlie's answer to her question.

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    Hi! Re: the whole license plate thing - Ive gone on vacation many times in a rental car and when they ask for the plates, Ive said, I dont know, its a blue toyota and they were fine with that. Do that and give them cash for the room- no record of you!

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    Given that jp was so cheap, he may have taken the boys there for breakfast other mornings, as well. A canvas of other area hotels, soon after Susan went missing, may have shown that he was at several of them with the boys, for breakfast, at various times. IMHO

    The location of this place does bolster a theory several of us had that jp went south and then turned onto 6W into the desert. This hotel is accessible to both I-15 and Redwood Rd.

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