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    Kindergarten K-State fan refuses to color Jayhawk mascot

    A Kansas kindergartner has emerged as an unlikely viral sensation thanks to her devout adherence to her parents' alma mater, Kansas State.


    I think this is a REALLY cute story!! I am a big college sports fan and I cannot blame the little girl for not wanting to color that Jayhawk!!!! I love that the mother made the little girl color the Jayhawk and write an apology to the teacher (who I think over-reacted a bit). And I especially love that the little girl said she'd do it but she was wearing a K-State shirt to school the next day when she turned it in!!

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    Poor misguided child, lol. A lifetime of heartbreak awaits the Wildcat fan. #gojayhawks

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    Quote Originally Posted by wfgodot View Post
    Poor misguided child, lol. A lifetime of heartbreak awaits the Wildcat fan. #gojayhawks
    LOL....yes.....cute but so sad she has been sorely misled by her parents so far in life. Bless the teacher for attempting to remediate that fact. Sooner or later she must learn the sad fact of her misguided early years.

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