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    SD - Norman Johnson, 72, murdered by ex-classmate, Madison, 31 Jan 2012

    The high school feud that lasted 60 years: Man, 73, 'shot dead former classmate on his own front door' (Daily Mail)
    The lawyer for an elderly man accused of fatally shooting a long-ago classmate in a grudge he apparently gripped for decades has entered a not guilty plea and requested a jury trial.

    Carl Ericsson, 73, of Watertown, South Dakota, is charged with first-degree murder in the January 31 killing of retired Madison High School teacher and track coach Norman Johnson.
    Mr Johnson, 72, was shot twice in the face after answering the door at his house in Madison.
    And this old quarrel - what was the deal?
    Dick Ericsson said in an affidavit that Ericsson was a sports manager at Madison High years ago and there was an incident in which Johnson did something to him.

    'Since that time, over 50 years ago, Carl has held a grudge against Norm Johnson,' the affidavit said.

    'Dick said that he brought up the name of Norm Johnson some time back and Carl was still upset about the situation and called Norm Johnson a son of a b i t c h.'
    more, with pictures, at link above

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    Talking about holding a grudge for 60 years! I am sure there more to this, but still since middle school.

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    Sounds like this man held grudges for more than the man he murdered.

    Investigators say that soon after Mr Johnson was shot, a man matching the suspect's description was spotted trying to enter the home of another retired Madison High School teacher and coach, Orlyn Larson.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz1mn6IITbQ
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    I betcha the shooter is a Scorpio. They hold grudges for a liftetime.

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    I can hold a grudge, but I don't think I'd even remember what it was about after that long.
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    I've never gone to a high school reunion, though this does not mean I bear grudges.

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    Fatal revenge for locker room jockstrap prank in 1950s sentences 73-year-old to life in prison
    A jockstrap pulled over his head in a high school locker room more than 50 years ago provoked a 73-year-old South Dakota man to fatally shoot his long-ago classmate, a prosecutor said Friday.

    Carl Ericsson of Watertown, who last month pleaded guilty but mentally ill to second-degree murder, was sentenced to life in prison Friday.

    Ericsson was charged in the Jan. 31 killing of retired Madison High School teacher and track coach Norman Johnson, who was shot twice in the face as he answered his front door.
    Beth Ribstein, Mr Johnson's daughter, said her dad hadn't spoken to Ericsson for years and it was puzzling that he held onto the grudge for so long.

    'It was just goofing off in a locker room,' Mrs Ribstein, 50, said Friday after the sentencing.

    Ericsson 'hasn't been right for many years,' Mrs Ribstein said, adding that he was envious of her father's success and standing in the community. 'He was just jealous of Dad his whole life,' she said.
    more, with pictures, at Daily Mail link above

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