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    IA - Dad kills cat as kids watch, police say

    After drinking three-quarters of a bottle of vodka Sunday night, a Des Moines man beat a house cat to death in front of his young children, infuriated because the animal had scratched him, police say.

    John Edward Peterson, 26, of 612 S.E. Sixth St. was arrested and charged with three counts of child endangerment and cruelty to animals, according to Des Moines police.

    It's unusual for someone to go to prison in Iowa in a case involving the killing of an animal. The felony child-endangerment charges, filed because Peterson allegedly was too impaired to care for the children, raise that prospect.

    Peterson's 6-year-old daughter and 8-year-old stepson told police their father had been drinking vodka all night from a 1.75-liter bottle. When Pebbles the cat clawed him, he threw the animal against the wall, trapped it in the corner of the bedroom and punched it with his fist until it was dead, police reported.

    Then Peterson chased the family's other cat, Ricky, and tried to kill it, too, the children told police.

    A psychiatrist and animal-rights activist were stunned by the incident and deeply concerned for the children.

    "I have a sense of outrage and a sense of pity not only for the cat but for the kids that had to witness such a thing," said Tom Colvin, executive director of the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. "There should be a great deal of concern for the children. If he could do this to an animal, he could do this to a child as well."

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    Animal cruelty should be a felony in every state. Period. This piece of crap has the nerve to say he had been really drunk. Like that makes it ok? I guess anything goes and bad behavior can be excused if you're kicked in the @ss. He needs to be charged to the fullest exent of the law. There is NO WAY this guy should be allowed near animals let alone children.
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