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    TX - George Sager, 30, Spring, 7 June 1984


    CONROE, Texas -

    Detectives need help to solve the death of a man who disappeared in 1984.

    Montgomery County sheriff's deputies said George "Bud" Sager, 30, withdrew money from his bank on Interstate 45 near Spring Cypress Road on June 7, 1984. Investigators said Sager planned to use the money to pay for closing costs on a home.

    Deputies said that it appeared that Sager had never been officially listed as missing. In January 2010, Sager's sister contacted investigators and the cold case squad opened an investigation. DNA from his family was collected and entered into the Combined DNA Index System.

    More at the link above....

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    I guess the family contacting LE is better late than never.

    I wonder if LE ever searched the nearby woods for additional remains, back in 1989.

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    When George H. ‘Bud’ Sager Jr. went missing in 1984, it left his family and the city of Conroe in shock as to what could have happened to the 30-year-old...

    “My brother Bill and I, and our family had a gut feeling that something happened to him,” Guess said. “The police couldn’t go on our gut, so no one would take a missing persons report. “Over the past years, I would make a phone call to a law enforcement agency, but nobody was interested.” Eventually Guess found a different route to possibly discovering more about her brother’s final moments by way of a cold case investigation.

    She contacted the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and was able to begin the search with a DNA sample given by her and a family member in Hawaii, along with finally entering Sager in as a missing person in January 2010, more than 25 years after he disappeared. The findings quickly came back through the Combined DNA Index System, or CODIS, with a match from a skull that was found on the side of the road at I-45 and FM 1375 in Walker County in 1989.

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