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    Seinfeld star Daniel von Bargen in critical condition after suicide attempt

    'They were going to take my toes... I shot myself but it didn't work': Seinfeld star Daniel von Bargen in critical condition after shooting himself in the head

    Former Seinfeld actor Daniel von Bargen was left fighting for life after shooting himself in the head in an apparent suicide attempt.
    Von Bargen - who played Mr Kruger in the hit U.S. comedy - called 911 himself and told the operator he had shot himself in the head on Monday morning.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz1n993SWgG

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    How awful. Poor dude.

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    How sad. I so hope that he gets the help he needs!

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    Amputations are very hard to face.
    The article said he already had a leg amputated and needed some of his toes amputated and was tired of the procedures.

    My heart aches for diabetics that face this.

    My grandmother had a leg amputated. It's horrible and the thought was always there, wondering if the other leg would also have to be taken eventually.

    I hope he gets some major counseling.

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    Poor man. I can't even imagine his feelings of despair.

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    Poor man.
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    So sad.

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    Per Daily Mail: Seinfeld character actor Daniel von Bargen dies at age 64 after long battle with Diabetes

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    The many faces of Daniel von Bargen! Can we count them all? What a painful and tragic road he traveled at the end of his life. Seems unfair. But then doesn't it always?

    My husband and I also lost a very dear friend to complications from diabetes yesterday. It's a relentlessly challenging disease. I witnessed the misery my big brother suffered after he lost his leg to diabetes in 1995, and the tragedy of his sudden death from an infection after a routine surgery in 2000 -- which came just months after my first husband's death following a surgery to remove a renal tumor. He also was diabetic. So in a very special way, my heart and my prayers go out to Mr. von Bargen's loved ones.

    Thank you for the smiles you brought to us in life, Daniel von Bargen, and may everlasting life and peace be yours.
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