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    Canada - America’s Most Wanted perv arrested in Montreal


    A man wanted in Arizona for 13 counts of sexual misconduct with a minor has been arrested in Canada.

    Steven Dyer was convicted in absentia on April 16, 2002. He faces a minimum sentence of 169 years in prison in the U.S.

    In December, Canada Border Services Agency discovered Dyer was in Canada and living in Vancouver. He had assumed the identity of a Canadian citizen and was even able to leave the country and return using this identity, the agency said.

    On Tuesday, Dyer was arrested at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport in Montreal.

    CBSA spokeswoman Veronique Lalime said Dyer was on a flight back from Venezuela, which was en route to Toronto but had a stopover in Montreal, when he was arrested. She said the CBSA was unsure how long he had been in Venezuela, but received information Tuesday he was on his way back to Canada.

    "We wanted to stop him as soon as possible," Lalime said of why Dyer was arrested in Montreal.

    Dyer's story was recently featured on America's Most Wanted. The show said his possible locations included Mexico, Arizona, California and Canada.

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    Got him.

    Venezuela? Lord only knows what he did there. Hopefully just hid and didn't hurt any children.

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    As if......

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    So glad they got this POS!

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    Glad to see this has been posted. Amazing he has been living in my "neighbourhood" for the last ten years - and bought two homes. No word on how or where he gets his money and the name of the Canadian identity he assumed has not yet been released - but it was a real Canadian individual. What we don't know is if this individual is still alive or dead, and how the identity was "transferred" or assumed.

    So we'll be sending him back to the States. Please don't threaten him with the death penalty - otherwise he will be able to stall for years!

    When there is Justice - there is Peace.

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    Child abuse fugitive returned to the US


    MONTREAL (AP) -- A U.S. citizen convicted of child molestation has been turned over to U.S. authorities after being captured in Canada after a decade on the run.


    (Steven) Dyer is wanted in Arizona. After failing to show up for a court appearance in 2002, he was convicted of 13 counts of child molestation and faces a minimum sentence of 169 years in prison.

    Little more at link....

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    Convicted American pedophile Steven Dyer worked as playground designer in B.C.BY KIM BOLAN, VANCOUVER SUN : Sunday, February 26, 2012 10:49 AM

    When convicted American pedophile Steven Dyer was hiding out in B.C., he used the name Brian Woolworth and worked as a playground designer, The Vancouver Sun has learned.

    And Dyer, 44, used his fraudulent identity to buy a $402,000 Vancouver condo in 2010 and a Chilliwack townhouse for $348,000 in 2008, according to property records obtained by The Sun.

    Both units were still listed Friday in the B.C. Land Title Registry as being owned by “Woolworth,” even though the purchaser — Dyer — has been handed over to U.S. authorities on his outstanding child molestation convictions.

    Read it on Global News: http://www.globaltvbc.com/convicted+...041/story.html
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