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Bullet from Mexican drug shootout wounds woman walking down the street with baby stroller... in TEXAS
Mexican drug violence spilled across the border Tuesday when a bullet from a police shootout in Mexico wounded a woman walking down the street with a baby stroller -- in El Paso, Texas.

Police said Mexican authorities were battling carjackers in Ciudad Juarez, which lies just across the Rio Grande River from El Paso, when a stray struck the woman in the leg.

This isn't the first time bullets from Mexico have rained down on the border city. In 2010, a round lodged itself in a wall inside the ninth floor of city hall and another struck a university building a few months later.
A hardy breed, El Pasoans:
The city's mayor, John Cook, urged residents not to be afraid to go outside as a result of the shooting. This is the first time someone has been wounded by a stray since drug violence in Juarez began to rage out of control.

'People get struck by lightning, too, and that doesn't make us stay indoors when there is a rainstorm,' Cook told the Times.
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El Paso residents accustomed to gunfire in Mexico (statesman.com)
Shots fired in Juarez have reached El Paso at other points in history as well, author and local historian Fred Morales said. It's been an issue since the Mexican Revolution and, years later, during the gunfights between the U.S. Border Patrol and Prohibition-era alcohol smugglers.

In 1911, during the Battle of Ciudad Juarez, bullets rained all over downtown El Paso in the exchange of gunfire between Pancho Villa's revolutionaries and Mexican government forces. Twenty people were hit; eight died, Morales said.

Eight years later, Pancho Villa led his men on a second assault on Juarez and, again, bullets struck El Paso. "They had to evacuate the whole Chihuahuita neighborhood," said Morales.