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    CA - Danielle Haddon, 15, found strangled, Long Beach, 30 Oct 1989


    February 21, 2012

    LONG BEACH Arraignment was delayed for the second time Tuesday in the case of a death row inmate charged with capital murder in the 1989 strangulation of a 15-year-old Wilson High School sophomore.

    Royal Clark Jr., 49, was tied to the 22-year-old murder of Danielle Marie Haddon through DNA analysis.

    Without that analysis, funded by a federal grant in 2008, the already-convicted killer of a 14-year-old Fresno girl might have never been suspected in the Long Beach case, officials said earlier this year.

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    More details here:


    Prosecutors in Los Angeles will decide later whether to seek the death penalty for Haddon's slaying.

    She was alone in an apartment she shared with her grandmother when she told a friend on the telephone that she had to answer a knock on the door. Her body was found the next morning.

    Haddon's death had been an unsolved murder for about two decades when the Long Beach Police Department obtained a federal grant to help solve cold cases. Haddon's death was among those cases reopened, the department said Thursday.

    In October 2010, Long Beach police learned DNA from the murder linked Clark to the case, the department said. Detectives then confirmed Clark had lived in Long Beach at the time of Haddon's murder, and had moved to the Fresno area a short time later.

    Long Beach police on Thursday said there were no known connections between Haddon and Clark, and until the department received the DNA results Clark had not been a suspect in her death.

    Rose said Clark is a candidate for the death penalty again in Haddon's case because of his prior murder conviction. He will be arraigned next month.

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    From April 2012:


    Clark did not look at Long, who stood about 15 feet from the man who murdered her daughter, Wilson High School sophomore Danielle Marie Haddon...

    But Long was not entirely alone as she faced her daughter's killer. With her was Kit Farkas, the mother of 15-year-old Laurie Farkas, a Fresno High School teen who was killed by Clark in 1991, less than two years after Danielle's murder...

    The killings of Danielle and Laurie shared many similarities. Both girls were in their early teens, both were assaulted in the same manner, and both - as well as Angie, the friend who survived - were strangled.

    Angie testified Clark did not rape her or Laurie, though he tried. She detailed the hours of abuse they suffered, with both of them tied to a toilet at the Lost Lakes Recreation Area, before each girl was choked with a rope and then dumped on desolate highways, one in Madera County and one in a rural area of Fresno county.

    A California death row inmate has pleaded guilty to the 1989 strangulation of a 15-year-old Long Beach teenager...

    Rose says Clark will be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole...

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