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    ME - Hope Trott, 3, Baileyville, 21 Feb 2012

    And then there are the stories which do have happy endings.

    Happy ending for Hope, the 3-year-old who wandered a mile in the
    snow in the middle of the night looking for her mom after a bad dream

    A little girl in Maine woke up from a bad dream that her mom had left her in their house while she went to go get pizza from a local store.

    Rather than simply check her parent’s bedroom to make sure that her mom was still there, 3-year-old Hope Lillian Trott decided to put her winter coat and shoes on and walk to the store herself.

    After walking a mile- by herself- down a snowy road to the store at around 4am Tuesday morning, she started crying when she realized that her mom was not there.
    Yikes. And then what happened??
    Her parents didn’t hear her leave the home, so they didn’t know that anything was wrong until the police were in their house, guns drawn, asking them if they knew where their daughter was.

    ‘It was an absolute shock!’ mother Laura Trott told MailOnline.

    ‘I was still sound asleep and I came out if it and my first thought was that the house was on fire and that they were there to get us out.’

    The police then took Mrs Trott to the hospital where Hope was being checked out and then she took the adventurous toddler home.
    more, with pictures, at Daily Mail link above

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    How scary!!! Thank God that sweetie had the where with all to put on her winter coat and shoes.

    I bet her parents are going to be afraid to sleep.

    I'm so glad she is safe and sound.
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    Glad this little one is alright. So scary.

    Now I am worried that a whole contingent of people in Maine are going to use this case as further "evidence" in another case that one mother is guilty of kidnapping and one father is pure of heart despite le claims to the contrary.

    I am thrilled for these parents though. They must be thanking their lucky stars about now.
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    Just thinking of Hope - what a little trooper! - setting off to find mom, and that pizza.

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    Aw that's both sweet and a little scary.
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    What a brave and lucky little girl! SO glad this turned out well!

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    Happy that she made it home.

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