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    WV - Baby girl injured by razor blade in WalMart-purchased sleeper

    Razor Blade In Baby Clothes Injures West Virginia Girl
    A 10-month-old baby girl is recovering from minor injuries she sustained from a razor blade hidden in the foot of her sleeper.

    Mother Brittany Morgan said she dressed Trinity in the item, which had been newly purchased from Walmart. But when she removed the sleeper to change her daughter's diaper, Trinity began to scream and a razor blade fell out, WVNS-TV reports.

    The baby is recovering well at home, but Morgan says she's still concerned about the incident.

    "I am so mad and hurt to have watched my daughter go through this pain over someone's mistake ... or worse," Morgan told Yahoo!
    more at link above

    Razor Blade in Sleeper Injures Wyoming County Baby (wvnstv.com)
    59 News was able to confirm with Walmart that the Morgan's did indeed file an accident report at this store where they say they bought the sleeper. Mrs. Morgan says the manager she spoke with actually told her that the razor blade that was found in the baby's sleeper was not the kind of razor blade they use in their box cutters and suggested that it probably happened at the point of manufacture.

    The sleeper says it was made in Cambodia. Carter's has contacted the family.

    "They sincerely apologized and they offered to pay all of Trinity's medical bills," said Morgan, "...and they also asked if I could send them back the sleeper and the razor blade so that they could look further into it and where it might have come from."
    more at link above

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    This is scary. I don't believe these are accidents made at the "manufacturers" for one second. The incidents with the hypodermic needles being put in merchandise in Walmart recently freaked me out, and hopefully the sick people doing this are caught and brought to justice. Hoping everyone injured did not get any diseases from the needles or blades.

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    Maybe it is just me, wouldn't you notice a razor blade in a sleeper before you put it on your child?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diddy98 View Post
    Maybe it is just me, wouldn't you notice a razor blade in a sleeper before you put it on your child?
    I always washed new clothing before use, but not everybody does that.

    If it was laying flat, you might not notice.....and it might even have gone through the washer and dryer unnoticed.

    I can't even imagine how someone could be so cruel as to put a razor in a sleeper!

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    Even if she wash it first it could still be stuck in the footie part. This makes me so angry, poor baby. When my babies were babies I would always check the footie part for thread... I once read about a thread wrapping around a babies toe and it almost had to be removed, eekkkk so I still check with socks to even though they are older.

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    Cambodia, huh? Carter's, the all American baby label... perhaps if they paid the folks laboring for them a decent wage they wouldn't be angry enough to sabotage the product by maiming a newborn.

    That's just my take on it.

    I would never wear/use anything, these days, that hasn't been washed thoroughly-- we aren't built to take on the microbes of a foreign land without protection, imo, let alone the intentional macro carp.

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    This was from Nov. 2011.

    Psychopathic people are apparently targeting Walmart customers or Walmart's image. I don't think for one minute, that the razor was an accident or from the manufacturer.
    Just my opinion.

    Be thankful for each day. Live in the moment.

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    One more reason why I hate Walmart!

    Justice for Travis

    Sometimes the first step towards forgiveness is understanding that the other person is a complete idiot.

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