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    FL - LE: 'Bath salts' user bites police car

    Talk about a motormouth! 'Bath salts user, 47, BITES police car and causes $600 damage' (Daily Mail)
    While we’ve all heard of 'dog bites man' - and, very occasionally, 'man bites dog' - this incident was certainly a little more bizarre.

    Eric Scott, 47, of Milton, Florida, allegedly bit a police car bonnet - leaving teeth marks, scraping off the paint and causing $600 damage.

    Cops responded after Scott was knocking on doors asking for medical help and when they arrived he asked them to shoot him, police said.
    Relatives - surprised by the man's alleged actions, were they?
    ‘We've been waiting for the hammer to fall, just walking on pins and needles, waiting for something drastic,’ his father Dewey Scott told ABC WEAR.
    more, with pictures, at link above

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    I wonder if he had toothache afterwards it's got to take a lot of force to leave marks like he did in the bonnet.
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    Those poor, poor parents. This is a grown man. How awful.

    What is up with the bath salts? I mean I know what's up, but he's biting a car?

    Back in the day if he would have bit a police car here? He'd have way more troubles then he has now.

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    I find stories like this very sad. I feel terrible for his parents. I can not imagine my child doing drugs.

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    on bath salts people get this crazy? what would they do to humans?
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