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    MO - Matthew Pellegrini, 18, shot to death, St Louis, 21 Feb 2012


    ST. LOUIS - A St. Louis man is now facing a murder charge after allegedly shooting a friend in the forehead after friend asked him to do so.

    The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that 21-year-old Kevin Beindorff was originally charged with assault and armed criminal action. The assault charge was upgraded to second-degree murder after 18-year-old Matthew Pellegrini of Ballwin, died Thursday.

    Little more at link....well at least after he murdered his 'friend' he drove him to the hospital!

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    It was pretty stupid of him to shoot the guy. How do we know the guy asked him to shoot him? He could just have said that. Why would the guy want to be shot? Even if the guy had begged to be shot, it would be stupid to shoot him. Some people are crazy!

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    I’m sorry friends don’t ask friends to shot them! Friends don’t shot friends.

    I’m sorry but that’s crazy, if my ‘friend’ said ‘hey look at my new gun. Shoot me’ I’d be asking if my ‘friend’ should even have a gun!
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    Something tells me drugs and/or alcohol is involved. Just a hunch.

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    How sad. A young kid.

    No surprise Beindorff has a criminal history.


    Nice mugshot.

    Prayers going out to the family of Matthew.

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    If I had a dollar for every time I've said "Kill me now," "I'd rather be dead," or some other equally dramatic statement, I'd be a millionaire. I don't recall every meaning it. I don't think I have any "friends" that would have ever done it, no matter how serious I was.

    On the flip side of that, if there were someone in my life that I would be capable of shooting, I don't think I'd keep them in my life. I certainly wouldn't be calling them my friend.

    I don't understand people.
    JMO. Unless there's a link, I can't prove it.

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    From August 2013:


    On Wednesday, the judge said Beindorff couldn’t serve enough time for his crime, but ultimately Garvey accepted a plea agreement that offered Beindorff a seven-year sentence. Garvey also granted Beindorff credit for about 18 months of jail time already served...

    Beindorff initially told police Pellegrini had shot himself. Another man in the car, Alphonso Brazier, then 26, initially refused to cooperate with police but later said he thought that Beindorff had fired accidentally and that he hadn’t realized the gun was real.

    Beindorff told police he was afraid after pulling the trigger, that he and Brazier talked about what to do with Pellegrini’s body but ended up driving him to the hospital.

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