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    Court Orders Man to Apologize to Estranged Wife Over Facebook


    A man with a domestic violence record has been ordered by a Cincinnati court to post an apology to his estranged wife on Facebook for a total of 30 days.

    The rather unusual order was handed to Mark Byron for violating a temporary protection order granted to his soon-to-be ex-wife, Elizabeth Byron, after he was found guilty in June of civil domestic violence against her, WLWT reported.

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    Ridiculous! I'm always for the victim in these cases but to me, this clearly shows that the wife is the one who is stalking him and will do anything to get him in trouble.

    From the link:

    Even though he admitted that he blocked his wife from his Facebook page, Elizabeth Byron was somehow able to see the photo post and the comments below it.

    She then filed a motion stating that the post violated the protection order, which prohibited Mark Byron "from causing plaintiff or the child of the parties to suffer physical and/or mental abuse, harassment, annoyance or bodily injury."
    Am I wrong in my thinking? I agree with the guy. It's not any different than having a drink with a couple of friends and expressing your thoughts about the situation. Maybe FB is not the right place to vent your frustrations? Gawd, I've seen a lot worse posted on some FB pages especially from women against their ex husbands.

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