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    Pinball game innovator Steve Kordek dead at 100

    He sure played a mean pinball: Innovator of beloved arcade game dies aged 100 (Daily Mail)
    He lived an entire century, and saw his beloved creation become a staple in arcades and pop culture alike, making its way into songs by the likes of Elton John and the Who.

    Steve Kordek, the pioneer of the pinball machine, passed away on February 19 in Park Ridge, Illinois, leaving behind a legacy of classic gaming.
    Mr Kordek revolutionised the two-flipper design of pinball tables in the 1940s, and throughout his career, designed more than 100 board layouts for different companies.
    much more, with a fine array of pictures, at DM link above

    Thanks, Mr. Kordek - my hours spent on the pinball were bright hours indeed.
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    RIP Steve Kordek, You brought a lot of joy to the world.
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    Heh, not to brag or anything, but I used rack up 25 games on a dime, then sell them for ciggy money or an order of burger, fries, and a rootbeer freeze from A&W. Good times, good times.

    Thanks, Steve-- you made it to lucky 100! Nice shot. RIP

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