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    MA - Disabled teen tied up and shocked for hours at Center


    After spending three days in a comatose state, not eating or drinking, Andre was taken to Children's Hospital, where he was diagnosed with "acute stress response" caused by the shocks.

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    I am simply horrified by what was done to this poor boy. How could they call that therapy? It sounds like they damn near killed him. I'm tired of these fringe schools being able to operate with impunity. Think Baptist "schools." I have read the messages from the members of support groups that have been started for each one of these "schools." It is shameful that the law has refused to stop this. When they make any small effort, the school simply moves to another state and it is all dropped and covered up. It is outrageous and disgusting.
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    No excuse, whatsoever. Outrageous!!

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    OMG, that's sickening! Do you ever get the feeling that half the human race is just a bunch of sociopaths who like to torture children?

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    The story surrounding this house of horrors gets worse.......

    The Rotenberg Center endorses an behavioral-control method, in which more than half of the center’s 200 students wear electrodes attached to their skin, and staffers, armed with remote devices, can punish them with shocks for deviant behavior.

    May 24, 2011
    “The head of a controversial special needs school denied in court today that he obstructed justice four years ago, yet he agreed to leave his post as part of a deal with prosecutors that will likely lead to the case being dropped in five years.”

    Yep, the disabled children can be indiscriminately punished by electrical shocks 24/7, but there isn't going to be any punishment for the sicko director's deviant behavior or his warped employees. Lord have mercy!

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    The Rotenberg Center is supposedly under federal investigation.

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