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    UK - Rare egg thief gets first "wildlife ASBO," 10-year Scots ban

    (ASBO = "anti-social behaviour order" [Wiki link] ).

    Rare egg thief handed first wildlife ASBO with a ten-year ban from Scotland

    A man has been given the first ‘wildlife Asbo’ after an obsessive campaign of stealing rare birds’ eggs.

    Magistrates took the unprecedented step of banning Matthew Gonshaw from visiting Scotland for ten years during the breeding season.

    Dubbed ‘public enemy number one’ by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the jobless 49-year-old is one of the country’s most prolific egg stealers.

    He amassed a collection of more than 700 rare eggs from endangered breeds including golden eagles and ospreys.

    Some had contained live chicks, but he killed them by drilling a small hole in the egg and stored the shells in elaborate display cases at his home in Bow, East London.

    In one raid, officers found the egg of the rare black-tailed godwit. There are estimated to be fewer than 40 breeding pairs left.
    the rest of this "Hm, don't see that every day" story, with pictures, at Daily Mail link above

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    I don't think I'll ever understand why people do things like this. IF he loves birds so much surly he'd want them to breed. He wouldn't drill a small hole in the egg and stored the shells in a display case. It makes me sick.
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    Funny that. He amassed a collection of over 700 wild bird eggs, all with holes drilled in them to kill the occupant - and then displayed them! What must the silly beggar think now that they've been confiscated?

    He's now serving his 4th sentence for egg collecting - sounds like a serial killer to me.

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    When I first glanced at DM's tweet announcing the article, I assumed that this guy was stealing Fabergé eggs or something - "Ah well, good taste, bad actions!" I thought. To read the actual details of the crime - well, good God. Drilling holes in some to kill the living occupants.

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    My Granddad introduced me to egg collecting, and butterfly collecting.
    You pin or drill a small whole at each end of the egg so you can blow the yolk out.
    If you don't the egg might explode as it deteriorates.
    I carried a water container, an egg that sinks is yolk, if the egg floats in any way a chick is starting to form so you put it back in the nest. I was taught to collect with respect. Its really a hobby from days past when birds were not so rare.
    If your breakfast egg floats a bit, it means its little old an dehydrated. Just trivia

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